Google’s Map Apps War With Apple

Follow: @SlateViral, Watch:, It’s a maps battle that makes your average epic game of Risk seem like a mere skirmish. After Apple hinted it was parting ways with Google Maps for its own proprietary system and application, Google is firing back, announcing it has new mapping technology ahead of Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference. In an invite sent to press last week, Google promised to “show off some of the newest technology and give a sneak peak at upcoming features,” according to CNET. No word yet on whether the mapping technology will be for Google’s Chrome browser or for android phones or both, but mobile support seems likely. Will Google’s new application include something similar to Apple’s powerful new 3-D mode, which, according to 9-to-5 Mac, boasts “beautiful, realistic graphics”? Stay tuned as Map Wars 2012 continues.
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16 Responses to Google’s Map Apps War With Apple

  1. girlsdrinkfeck says:

    and apples software infringes microsofts palms and nokia’s .but apple are the only ones to get so butthurt by someone they felt the need to sue


    Whatever happens, without IOS there would be no android.


    Your right and android infringes apples software :)

  4. Adam Baker says:

    “This fall” – Tim Cook.

  5. BehelitOutlaw says:

    Apple is too late rfom a few years …. again

  6. Neil Moore says:

    when is apple maps coming out

  7. moslet says:

    Following Apple’s logic: Google should sue Apple for copying Google Map.

  8. oliverhniu says:

    Oh wow an idiot you know without ios there wouldnt be android so I don’t know who your calling idiot

  9. 1fagno195 says:

    boa tarde achei otimo okei.

  10. girlsdrinkfeck says:

    agreed ,apple dont innovate or think ,they just buy ideas already invented and sell it into a substandard product such as a PC or phone

  11. Akis Paleochora says:

    Apple just a large corp……………hahahahaha idiots wake up!

  12. antjz0 says:

    Big effing deal with the 3d crap. We don’t need anymore 3d movies, rides, tv and certainly not maps. Useless shit

  13. Rapid6Speed says:

    Next step for google is showing us where are the military ships and planes :-)

  14. vijay71190 says:

    This one seems interesting…

  15. kxmode says:

    Map Wars 2012. Whoever wins… we win!

  16. MerlinUsesCtrl says:

    Whats the point in re-making what we have, cant they just design something themselves?

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