Google’s Master Plan

Google’s Master Plan

Image by jurvetson
The Master Plan has many paths. Some turn to the dark side, and most lead to user happiness…

(Text is more readable at full size, or next frame, and people have added mouse-over notes for many of the steps)

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38 Responses to Google’s Master Plan

  1. Billy The Kid says:

    I love how hiring software engineers leads to dead ends and all good things come from hiring network engineers, Richard Branson or rouge scientists.

  2. of bedbugs and bad habits says:

    Google OS! Oh, and crop circles.

  3. tyleremerson says:

    SJ: Which Google building did you see this in?

  4. jurvetson says:

    Bldg 43, first floor.

  5. Fintan says:

    very funny.

  6. davemc500hats says:

    been there, seen that 😉

  7. zachlipton says:

    You don’t have a pic though of the awesome dynamic globe showing search queries as they come in from around the globe. That’s far more amusing then the whiteboard.

  8. jurvetson says:

    Billy: tell us how it goes. Zachlipton: au contraire. This is the first photo of a 4 panel sequence. The globe is here on panel 4. They filter the queries that they show (adult language, etc.), so the really funny ones are missing…. 😉

  9. KelsaaCPH says:

    I can’t see the plan for the hovering Googlebot they’re developing that’ll wake me up humming around my apartment and then, in an almost-convincing-but-still-creepily-synthetic voice say, "I’m a Googlebot. I’m indexing your life…"

  10. Sympa-Inspir says:

    umm… lo.. would the world stop turning if i google searched for this image..? lol..

  11. Imajilon says:

    Can’t wait to show this to the folks at work (Symantec-Veritas) . . . they always laugh at me when I do this on the white boards there. Vindication is sweet!!

  12. jurvetson says:

    Good luck Billy!

  13. p0p0p0p says:

    re steve jackson: bing back the Metaverse! imho MOO has yet to be topped wrt collaborative netowrked content damangleovpment catbuttwrangleware

  14. Patrick Houlihan says:

    Congratulations! This image is one of Flickr’s Most Interesting photos for 25 June 2005. Would you please add it to the Interestingness pool? It will be a great addition! (Interestingness is a cool new Flickr feature. About Interestingness)

  15. matthew1471 says:

    You laugh, you cry…but prehaps Google really could buy out a version of Linux and call it "Google OS"… hell everyone would PAY huge money to go and buy it if "google says so"! Even if they just rebadged knoppix people would use it…

  16. Billy The Kid says:

    Google would not have to "buy out" any existing Linux packager. They already operate thier own, re-vamped, souped-up, clusterfied, hyper version of Linux within thier own clusters. I would love to see it available for download, but I just can’t see them giving away all that work to competitors and other cluster admins.

  17. Phil_Hale says:

    Give me a break! Surely the third sub-group of the higher Network Structure would have to link to the Portal via Dev IA to facilitate the Local Server grammer… or am I missing something ?

  18. jurvetson says:

    Well, remember they can fold space. So many of the links span the hypertorus of the multiverse.

  19. patisfaction ~ censored says:

    i know u alwayz keep me company @ da XK views groups :p but WTF almost 50K on this1! & without t&a! u must have a hi traffic blog 😉 got more of these huge hitters?

  20. jurvetson says:

    heh… these are up there…. Warning The Incredible Elastigirl Olympus Stylus HALLE's Eye Making a Zebra My, that's a big rocket

  21. Phil_Hale says:

    damn it, i keep forgoting about the folding space thing. now i feel really stupid – it gets me every single time!

  22. jeremydouglass says:

    WRT has a short article about the process of adding notes to this diagram.

  23. GôDiNô says:

    Only 50.000 vues for that?people don’t know what they are missing!

  24. jurvetson says:

    Sure enough, one of the early items on the Master Plan is a "Space Station." I was looking at the Moon last night with a mirror lens, and I found the Google Copernicus Center…. They are hiring.

  25. jasmine008 says:

    Somewhere, there should be a spot "take over the world." Remember the Pinky and the Brain skits? Yeah. =)

  26. snog59 says:

    Hello all, Im new here please check out my pics and give me your comments. Thanks, Snog

  27. ¥€$ says:

    How they’ll rule the world? ¥€$

  28. p0p0p0p says:

    i wish "background checks" wasn’t in the list of services…. er i mean hee woo ha ha ha

  29. Miika Niemelä says:

    It seems that buying a lot of tin foil is not a bad idea, also learning to make some cool hats out of it is a good skill :) Orbital mind control ftw! :)

  30. steveandelliewedding says:

    Save some for me!

  31. delta16v says:

    And others it is dense seriousness?

  32. Photo Contest says:

    haha… awesome! – Earth Shots

  33. Vince-Photo says:

    awesome !!

  34. Barack Obama is my homeboy says:

    surely somewhere, it says "flush the remains of yahoo down the toilet"

  35. ammusk says:

    lol nicely done

  36. Brian O'Mahony says:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called One Hundred Thousand Club (100,000 Photostream Views), and we’d love to have your photo added to the group. …and feel free to post some of your best shots and join the group if you have time. Thanx.

  37. KittyCanuck says:


  38. says:

    So THAT’S what the plan is. Thanks so much for sharing. The more you know, right? :)

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