Google’s Plan to “Estimate Web Sources’ Trustworthiness” | Space News

Many disturbing examples demonstrate that scientific debate and inquiry on the Internet is not always free nor open. One such example may be Google’s recently announced plan to begin manipulating.
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  1. *3 Reasons to Question a “Truth” Engine* I don’t expect that I’m actually teaching Google anything. For some reason, however, I am the one saying it. There should be more videos on the way. #google 

  2. I searched “thunderbolts theory” in Google and DuckDuckGo. Interesting how the second search result in Google has a post “debunking” the EU theory: While that same article is 7 results down on

  3. I use duckduckgo instead of google. The thought of google determining factual material is worthy of an April Fool joke. In 20 years time will we still be free to dare to question?

  4. So, Google determines what’s “factual”? What if Google determines that ‘dark matter’ is really real? What if Google decides that 2+2=5?

  5. Well, I would argue that Google’s new “fact” based search engine is aimed at (truly) independent political media, though obviously the implications for science are also frightening, especially as regards vaccines (Big Pharma being the #1 source of ad revenue for msm) GMOs and, most critically for the EU community, Global Scaremongering oops Warming. Which all have very political dimensions and implications. I suppose you could say it’s just social engineering in general: The funny thing is, I found Thunderbolts THANKS to YouTube constantly bugging (reccomending) me to watch Symbols of an Alien Sky and Thunderbolts of the Gods, though it took a reader’s comment of praise somewhere else to finally get me to watch. Thankfully, sheesh, I was so mad at myself for ignoring it for a month+:-) Anyways, I don’t know how much of an “opportunity” it is for Google, it’s a little early in the morning and lucky me I awoke with a massive headache, but my opinion is this move is a really scary prospect aimed at shutting down debate and critical thinking- herding the sheeple’s collective thoughts and knowledge into a corral of TPTB’s making, to their liking, and for their ever-nefarious purposes. I’m glad Thunderbolts addressed this as it will obviously negatively effect any and all paradigm-challenging science. BTW I use Duck Duck Go as a search engine. No tracking, good results. And yes, the original source for the link provided it’s from Infowars, not a site I use personally, but a) it’s not from Alex Jones whom I’m not a fan of, and b) it’s a good article. Short piece, check it out. Probably shorter than this way too long comment!!! :-)

  6. I started using Yahoo, because Google already omits a lot of results when searching for mp3. Their current plan reminds me to the Inquisition within the Roman Catholic Church. This is not a plan any more they are already doing it.

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