Google’s Project Fi The Best Phone Network Ever?! – The Know

Google has announced they’re getting Project Fi into the mobile phone network game. Will you play for their team? Written By: Ashley Jenkins Hosted By: Ashley Jenkins, Ryan Haywood, Adam Kovic,…

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22 Responses to Google’s Project Fi The Best Phone Network Ever?! – The Know

  1. NormallyScott says:

    Well, I use Chrome, so if they can give me a better and cheaper plan, then sure.

  2. batmanexit13 says:

    Is Ryan wearing Spoole’s hat?

  3. mormegil231 says:

    That was a very well balanced presentation of the situation. Well done the know!

  4. zafdragon says:

    BOUT FUCKING TIME. Google teased it was working on a phone service like 3 years ago. i was hoping to switch to google when my contract ended a while back. sadly not the case. On the bright side, my contract with verizon ends in like, 5 months so if this is rolled out on more devices by then, then GOODBYE VERIZON HELLO GOOGLE. I sold my soul to google years ago and i trust them with my data more than anyone else, tbh.

  5. Swagato Uzumaki says:

    I’m not the smartest tool in the box. Someone please summarize this for me

  6. AmbiNt says:

    Partnering with T-Mobile? Sorry, I don’t like paying just so I can have service half of the time I use my phone, not to mention that service is usually extended service.

  7. Aaronspark7 says:

    Did anyone else hear Spoole laughing in the background towards the end?

  8. The Great Me-sama says:

    Alright guys, real talk here. Fai or Fee

  9. headknocker2020 says:

    Adams shirt is fucking awesome

  10. JacobMTK says:

    10$/gigabyte? + 20$ for unlimited talk…. Man the US may have fast internet,but the pricing is insane :

  11. VenitasX1 says:

    My favorite porn is bondange!!!

  12. Major Rose says:

    Cool Animus shirt, Ryan.

  13. Captain Rizza says:

    They think they can just get rid of cell phone numbers? lol who do they think they are?

  14. Allie-RX says:

    If it’s not a scam like Cablevision/Optimum’s Freewheel, I’m all on board!

  15. Richard T says:

    Google doesn’t like NSA because Google wants to beat them at data gathering XD Because, why not. World domination.

  16. Joe Schueller says:

    I mean, this seems cool and all, but the fawning worship is a bit much. As if Google is not also a company with shitty practices.

  17. Jordanny Hidalgo says:

    I’m a Windows phone user! Woop!

  18. cody savage says:

    I don’t even have a smart phone… :/

  19. Ryan Smith says:

    I love a lot of Google’s properties, but their record of selling normal people’s data to governments makes me distrust them on stuff like this

  20. StalkingYourMum1 says:

    Is this a re-upload or just deja vu ?

  21. killatubby says:

    Never any love for us window phone people they’re good phones and affordable.

  22. Revanaught says:

    On one hand, I love Google. They just kind of make the best of the best and really show up the shitty services that were there before, i.e. Google Fiber compared with Time Warner and Comcast. On the other hand, I’m a little bit scared of Google, because, let’s face it, if it ever becomes sentient we can surely expect Ultron and Skynet at the same time.

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