Google’s Proposal for North Bayshore

Vice President of Real Estate Dave Radcliffe and architects Thomas Heatherwick and Bjarke Ingels discuss our proposed Master Plan for our new campus in Mountain View, California. With our …
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24 thoughts on “Google’s Proposal for North Bayshore

  1. interesting in a sense but the cocoon around the complex only serves to isolate google from the city and not the other way around. better to just build Google into a natural park so everyone can see it and appreciate the beauty of architecture merged landscape merged technology in symbiosis with earth.

  2. Google’s New Headquarters to Be a Chrysalis of ‘Glass Fabric’ and Movable Office Space. The focus is on creating *space for people, nature and ideas to thrive*. #Google #space #architecture #mountainview 

  3. Airy FAIRY Concept , from Airy FAIRY people .The solar canapies under the trees will be catch basins for leaves and bird shit . Ugly , driverless cars for people without TASTE or commom sense . I MOVED FROM AIRY FAIRY LAND IN OCTOBER . Thank god ! ……p.s…Mountain View is HOME TO A GROWING HOMELESS POPULATION . thank you GOOGLE !

  4. There is still no explanation as to why constructing domed buildings is supposed to have a magical effect. Or what makes a temperature-controlled dome any more eco-friendly than any other structure? Just to get away from the highway noise? Is this campus supposed to combine workspaces with leisure and residential spaces? Is this by any chance so that Google employees will live and work in the same spot? A cult-like company town, sealed away from the outside world where all the employees can be controlled?

  5. “…sea of parking…” with a Schwarzenegger accent [4:07]—’oh’ that’s good…really-good… ‘Apple Campus Franchise’, ‘Apple-fried-Google’ (sloppy pun on ‘amplified’)…. Earthquake-proof? The Big One? Flood-proof; no slippage, no street-gushers, no parking-lot-flushers? Nuclear-fallout-proof? Nitrogen-reduced-indoor-breathing…’oh’…so, the UC never told you about that one: that when you recycle room air that’s been CO₂-freezeout-cleansed you’re still recycling N₂ which has long been known to be ‘deranging’ for humankind…. When you look out on the horizon do you see deep-history…do you think of…the pyramids of archaic Egypt…the dinosaurs of Mars…or just anthropomorphic hills like sniffing through stale dirt.

  6. The green house idea is great, you could have offices open to nature. Imagine the productivity of someone whose able to have all the technology they need but work in a natural environment too. Also the buildings would last longer because they’d be out of the elements. 

  7. Fortuna che qualcuno diceva che Google era arrivata allo “stallo innovativo”, un pò come Microsoft… Guarda che bel campus che tireranno sù :D

  8. Very futuristic proposal for Google’s new Mountain View CA campus. Great to see the amazing +Bjarke Ingels as part of the solution – esp since I first introduced him to Google when I persuaded him to speak at Zeitgeist Europe many years ago. See his talk here:

  9. Jeg er VILD med Bjarke Ingels og dét han gør for dansk arkitektur! — I absolutely LOVE +Bjarke Ingels work and what he does for danish architecture! — #danishdesign #architecture #google 

  10. Love the idea. but so many problems. what about birds making tiny holes with their claws and rain getting in? what about the heat the sun would make? what about hail storms or hurricanes?

  11. “Somebody who really thinks about function & form and you couple that with beauty and you just have this team that’s pretty amazing stuff” – actually you still have the eternal conflict of form vs function, no shortcuts. The proposed forms seem to fit with Google’s stance of try everything, convoluted thinking that pervades their products these days.

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