Google’s Robot Army: Military or Civilian Purpose?

Dec. 16 (Bloomberg) — MIT professor of mechanical & ocean engineering John Leonard and Bloomberg senior West Coast correspondent Jon Erlichman examine Googl…

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11 Responses to Google’s Robot Army: Military or Civilian Purpose?

  1. phoenixbluex says:

    Google is building an army to fight Bob.

  2. David Smith says:

    Funny how the guy said that these could be used say on a mine field …. Yeah right they’d said a person in before blowing up that piece of kit…… Corporation terminators in production 

  3. Roman Stelmakh says:

    Time terminators come

  4. Musou Iago says:

    Hurry up i want my personal mech suit

  5. Ron Villejo says:

    Buying Boston Dynamics is another step in Google’s plans to extend into technology in a beastly way, literally. 

  6. Roan Hidalgo says:

    More on Google Robots.

  7. motordar says:

    These will be used for population growth control or extermination of humans. Think that these will be used for good? You have to come to the realization that man wants to control man. He will no longer have to get his hands dirty. I’d take 50 neighbors with guns before I’d want one of these trolling around making decisions. 

  8. Stanton Morton says:

    Sky net 

  9. ant wills says:

    they should take this outer space

  10. 王村二大爷 says:


  11. fobudomh says:

    I robot in making. Scary…

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