Google’s Wonder Woman could save Yahoo – CNET Update Google DNA is injected into Yahoo with surprise CEO, LivingSocial follows Groupon’s footsteps, and LOLCats meet Sundance.

25 thoughts on “Google’s Wonder Woman could save Yahoo – CNET Update

  1. She is a BRILLIANT woman. I was stunned she left Google, but this is a smart power career move. She’s confident and tech savvy enough not to get BS’d or bullied. Everyone knows Yahoo has not just been dormant, but dead, as a leading edge search engine. It’ll be very interesting to see what new innovations and technologies she’ll introducing with Yahoo. I’ve been following her career for years now. I applaud her gutsy determination and wish her all the best with this new position and baby.

  2. Before the video I thought Google was making Wonder Woman. Don’t judge me, Google has a lot of free time on their hands, just watch that documentary. Yea… that pretty much clears that up

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