Googlicious – Can anything save Google Glass? Google’s first wearable platform has lost its edge with users and developers. You won’t have a Cartier Android watch anytime soon, and…
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24 thoughts on “Googlicious – Can anything save Google Glass?

  1. I think the idea behind Google Glass has merit, but it won’t be a success until it can be miniaturized enough to fit into the frames of a normal looking pair of glasses.

  2. I don’t get how the Lollipop update for the Google Play edition HTC One M7 & M8 can be delayed as it’s bone stock Android straight from Google. It’s not like HTC needs to skin it. I bet it’s the carriers that are holding things up

  3. In my opinion Google took too long in getting the product out, for the last three years I seen advertisements on how wonderful glass is how it can change your life and all that it can do. but no release date and no way to get ahold of one after 3 years I feel like it’s nothing but a carrot in front of a horse trick and it turned me against Google I honestly would not buy the glass now if it was a dollar. Unfortunately now when I see Google and the new products I think of two things it’s nothing but hype and fluff and I don’t expect it to amount to anything. Google really dropped the ball on this one and it has put a bad taste in mouth for Google products.

  4. For around the same price, I can get the Skully motorcycle helmet with rear view camera and similar display as the Google Glass… which is exactly what I want to buy it for. Oh well.

  5. The main thing that can save Google glass is the price, $1500 is way too high!! If they reduce the price to a more reasonable one, a lot more people would buy it because it is an awesome concept and cool device. I would totally buy one right away if the price was under $300 because it is that cool and futuristic! 

  6. Personally I don’t think we are there from a consumer point of view for Wearable tech on our heads, with the exception of gaming. It has use in the Government and Health sectors like Hospitals and such but not a everyday thing. But One thing I do hope takes off is AR, If google could make AR popular or more affordable, I could see that happening

  7. Glass is a product that is too ahead for the public. To me the ppl fear google glass for privacy issue. Even created laws against it even though the product not release yet to the majority. To me google glass allow a way to interact with tech while being in the real world and interact with the real world and tech at the same time. In Japan you can used google glass to translate signs for you to find your way around in real time. You can record a concert while enjoying the concert at the same time. You don’t have to enjoy the concert though your phone.

  8. Save your money, buy a model from China which uses the screw hole on one side of the glasses as the CAMERA. Even has a small button you can tap for taking photos or activating record mode. Who wants to show they are obviously weird and pay $1,500 for it?

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