Googlicious – Google isn’t giving up on Glass

Googlicious - Google isn't giving up on Glass Glass is still an important platform to Google. Google’s self-driving cars are coming by 2020, and Magic Leap shows off their vision of Augmented Reality.

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18 Responses to Googlicious – Google isn’t giving up on Glass

  1. Young Pup says:

    No, what REALLY happened with Glass, is the price was too much for what it was. Nobody was going to pay that price for that piece of tech

  2. supersonics5000 says:

    No one cares for google glass.

  3. SS8styles says:

    Google glass has a horrible chill to pull ratio. Even if I could be convinced that I needed access to stuff constantly in my line of vision, I’d need it to be more discrete. Google Contact Lens. Might be a hassle… I got it, Google Microchip – implanted into my visual cortex, overlays my notifications into my perception of vision. Electrical impulses of my thoughts control what I’m looking at. When google makes that, they can charge me whatever they want. 

  4. MrLaeddis1 says:

    It’s quite sad that Google only started advertising Android Wear after Apple stepped in. Google did it first, then Google started playing catch up. Same thing with mobile payments. 

  5. TheGarvito says:

    yeah yeah Eric is just saying that in hopes of Ex- Apple employee to fix the product, in all its a fail product always will be. 

  6. 1javixD says:

    Also who would wanna buy ugly glasses. 

  7. leec85 says:

    Seeing as their investment in Magic Leap and the discontinuation of the Explorer project came one after the other, I’m sure they’re related. They’ll use Magic Leap technology in whatever the next iteration of Glass is.

  8. Reginald Lim says:

    Meanwhile as Google is continuing to human the boundaries of human capabilities in technology, Apple continues to milk what’s left of their ignorant fanboys dry.

  9. modesthero says:

    It’s pronounced Taag Hoyer. I wouldn’t bother to correct you if you weren’t a professional journalist.

  10. David Lawman says:

    Glass failed because it’s too damn expensive.

  11. dxmakina says:

    how to make people like glass: retractable camera that shuts itself away when not in use

  12. justun chan says:

    Brian Tong is thinking Magic Leap is real???? lol april fools

  13. trey9386 says:

    Google glass wasn’t bad. The problem was it wasn’t practical and it invaded privacy. There is no use for it.

  14. Milan pintar says:

    The only problem is it needed to be used for streaming by celebrities.

  15. Shannon Doak says:

    Google isn’t giving up on Glass: But the coolest thing I heard is that Google a TAG Huer are working together to make an Android Wear watch. 

  16. Deepak M.P. says:

    This guy doesn’t know shit. Glass was never meant to be “launched”. It was bad timing of unfortunate internal politics going on & wanting real world feedback. I guess some marketing execs are responsible for both. Even the glass team were opposed to releasing it to the public; case-in-point: Babak Parviz, Head of Glass at the time, was so furious that he quit and joined amazon. And also, privacy wasn’t the number 1 problem; it was hardware & battery.

  17. ColonelRadec246 says:

    I think Google glass would be better if any type of eye glasses could be Google glass

  18. Himeros says:

    All they had to do to make it popular was lower the damn price ….

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