Googlicious – Google’s working on shape-shifting robots NVIDIA is working on a new Andorid gaming device, an new all-metal Galaxy might be on its way and MIT and Google are putting their brains together to make robots.

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19 Responses to Googlicious – Google’s working on shape-shifting robots

  1. wwjoshdew says:

    2:14 It’s so weird seeing my video on here. I’m happy they cited the source though. :)

  2. Gehrig Harris says:

    3rd comment, pre-301.

  3. Kagamine Len says:


  4. Mohammed Shah says:

    finally, they changed the intro…

  5. Eddie Padilla says:


  6. Luka Trajkovski says:

    will you still do the apple byte

  7. someRANDOMER90 says:

    Hmm strange how when ios 7 launches with a design overhaul, android does too? Kinda reminds me of when the iphone was launched…. Get the picture?

  8. Maxwell Zarifian says:

    Have fun on vacation :D

  9. Technoclastic says:

    What happen to the cat intro

  10. CowTipper989 says:

    So google is basically taking apples design, of course he won’t demote google though

  11. Eddy Campos says:

    disliked before watching!

  12. John Paul says:

    Showed a LG G3 during Samsung Metal Body Story, common Editors!

  13. activeXF says:

    Why they allways give a bad apple but i have never seen bad google why? Suspicious i’ll say, very suspicious indeed.

  14. Minh Thai says:

    +Josh McAllister +wwjoshdew. You’re featured in a cnet video! 

  15. Jacques-A Portal says:

    LOLY POP!!!!!!!

  16. nonavy2004 says:


  17. ApplicantQuisling says:

    @ 3:23 why did you zoom in on LG’s G3 when talking about Samsung? They’re both Korean companies, that’s all there is to it lol.

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