Government Shutdown: Stocks That Win When Workers Get Idled

Government Shutdown: Stocks That Win When Workers Get Idled
The government shutdown is serious, grim, horrible business. The debt ceiling showdown is just as bad. It's a national embarrassment that these conversations have to happen at all, and made worse by the fact that this kind of thing happens every two years.
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Yahoo ends Social Bar, cutting off Facebook integration
Yahoo is cutting off Facebook integration through its social reader, the Yahoo Social Bar, an app that has declined precipitously in popularity. The company claims that it is sunsetting the Yahoo Social Bar in order to work on more Yahoo-centric …
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At least four killed in Egypt as Islamists mount bold protests
Egyptian supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi shout slogans during a protest in Cairo, Egypt, October4, 2013. Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood has condemned his toppling on 03 July as a coup and vowed to continue protests until he is restored to …
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