Gradschoolmatch Partners with Golden Key International Honor Society to Help Great Students and Top-Ranked Graduate Programs Find Each Other

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) February 17, 2015

Atlanta-based Golden Key International Honor Society, the worlds largest collegiate honor society, has partnered with an innovative Atlanta-area internet startup, Gradschoolmatch, working together to help outstanding prospective graduate students and top ranked graduate programs find each other more easily.

The Gradschoolmatch website is unique because it is the first to offer bidirectional graduate school search functionality. Graduate program recruiters and prospective students can both use the website to search for, discover, and then reach out and connect to each other. For students there is no cost, whereas each graduate program pays a nominal annual subscription fee for access to the search and connect functionality offered by Gradschoolmatch.

Were delighted to work with Golden Key. During our beta phase, we had remarkable conversion rates after a few test signup blitzes with their members. That convinced us that the Golden Key honor students have a significant appetite for graduate school and for our platform concept as a tool to make their best decisions. This partnership provides a unique capability to connect our discerning graduate school clients to a very large pool of exceptionally bright and accomplished students, says Gradschoolmatch Founder and CEO TJ Murphy.

To qualify for Golden Key, university registrars first certify that students are in the top 15% of their college class.

Golden Key is committed to helping members achieve their academic goals. With more than 85% of undergraduate members indicating that they plan to attend graduate school, we continuously seek the best resources to help them throughout the admissions process. We believe that Gradschoolmatch provides a quality direct channel for students to interact with admissions directors and faculty to gain better insight into their intended field of study. Gradschoolmatch will help serve our diverse members from more than 400 universities in 8 countries, says Bradford Rainey, Golden Key Executive Director.

About Golden Key-Founded in 1977, Golden Key International Honor Society is a global collegiate honor society established to recognize college students for academic excellence. While membership in Golden Key begins with academic excellence, the Societys core mission is to enable members to realize their potential through three pillars: academics, leadership and service. The Society, comprised of over 2 million members, has more than 400 campus- based chapters in eight countries, including Australia, Canada, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa, The Bahamas and the United States. For more information about Golden Key, please visit

About Gradschoolmatch-Gradschoolmatch LLC is an internet startup based in Decatur GA. Co-founded in 2012 by TJ Murphy and J. Brian Clark, a faculty member and a former grad student, respectively, at Emory University in Atlanta. Gradschoolmatch offers prospective students an efficient and comprehensive resource to explore their advanced degree options. Gradschoolmatch is an innovative and cost-effective direct marketing tool for graduate school programs to identify and recruit prospects with pinpoint academic and geographic accuracy. Visit today.

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For more information, please contact TJ Murphy by email at tj(at)gradschoolmatch(dot)com or by phone at 404-358-1329

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