Grammar Based vs. Natural Language Learning, Part 1 Steve Kaufmann, CEO and founder of and author of The Way of The Linguist, A Language Learning Odyssey, debates with Robyn Mat…

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12 Responses to Grammar Based vs. Natural Language Learning, Part 1

  1. carystrings says:

    Hello Steve. Thanks for all your useful videos. May I offer subtitle for this video: Analytical learning vs Whole language approach or, The Way Grownups learn vs the Way Babies Learn At any rate, thanks again. Greetings from St-Sauveur, Qc

  2. Chloefizzball says:

    What is her book called?

  3. UserOfCommonSense says:

    i always wonder how anyone learnt languages before the internet? im pretty fluent in german now, though you never stop learning. when i started 3 years ago, i could access german radio, books, news, tv shows, articles, lingq (great site btw) and youtube. i never even had to use a german dictionary, as i had a browser addon so just had to ‘double-click’ on the word to get a definition. i didnt go to a class and im fluent! if you have an internet connection, you can learn a language.

  4. Marc Ritz says:

    Blablablaaaaaaaaaaaaaa this is just two people giving sales pitches

  5. LFJ says:

    lol, Was that a rhetorical question? She messed up the grammar in her native language, saying “So you don’t (*aren’t*) necessarily gonna be getting the repetition out of those language interactions…”

  6. zimmermann10 says:

    ok! Thanks so much!

  7. zimmermann10 says:

    What face!

  8. Jonathan G says:

    What does she say from 5:45 to 10:00?

  9. hoohahahaa says:

    turn to me, bro

  10. Fael e kika Fabri says:

    what does she say from 07:08 to 07:11 ?

  11. Cosmored says:

    I found some good teaching material. Google “Ferd’nand”. These are comics without words. First I have the students describe what’s happening and practice structures such as the subjunctive. Then I have them role play the situation. The result has been very good.

  12. findmads says:

    Yeah , I didn´t pick up on the brasillian teacher either. . .

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