Grape5 Unwraps Five Facts on Why SEO and Social Media Make a Perfect Couple in Reference to SEO Journal Article

Mumbai, Maharashtra (PRWEB) May 31, 2013

Grape5, a Bangalore based digital agency, uncovers five resonating facts on why SEO and social media should be used together to run any successful and result oriented digital marketing campaign.

Contextual to a Search Engine Journal article on 8th of May, there would be many instances in which social media can be successful as the primary marketing strategy, particularly when the target would be younger demographics. However, at times it would need more to the strategy and when combined with SEO the results are evidently much yielding. Working on various search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing, SEO is definitely the best way to mount a brands visibility and identity.

Social Media and SEO when used together yield the best outcome. This as a strategy has helped Grape5 accomplish many successful online promotions for businesses – says Anil, the Brand manager at Grape5.

Anil, strongly advocates combining SEO with social media marketing as a core strategy for online promotions. They make a great pair says Anil, Its best to combine social media and SEO when trying to promote a business online. Social Media and SEO when used together yield the best outcome. This as a strategy has helped Grape5 accomplish many successful online promotions for businesses

Anil gives out five prime reasons to couple social media and SEO together as a marketing strategy:

1. Internet is a componential entity. It has got different things to offer to different people. For instance, both people browsing for some products and people using the internet to communicate with their friends, are exposed to ads on the internet. People on social media might not intend to spare a look for any of the ads. But if the same ad is on a search engine, they might end up giving it a go. So, it has got a lot to do with the purpose of an offering on the internet. Considering this, brands can target people on both fronts and categorize their visibility better.

2. Building your brand and gaining more customers can happen simultaneously. The good will for the brand is maintained by Social media and SEO builds up the brand on search engines and thereby will give you more coverage. SEO when used gives you a chance to stay on top of the web activity, eliminating any discourse of your brand.

3. While social media helps you to engage your fans and customers, SEO gets you more web traffic. SEO exposes your brand to a wide extent. SEO is not just about using keywords associated with web links, even social pages can be promoted using it. This strategy helps divert more traffic to your website and also to strengthen your social pages with concrete backlinks.

Anil reckons more the brand awareness, better would be the potential for brand success

4. This strategy will help you spread your reach to a wider extent. As a business you can target multiple demographics. Social media and SEO together will target younger and larger demographics, without limiting your reach to a specific group. This can only do you good by multiplying your image on the web.

5. Social media can be fused with SEO tools. Yes, your social space is one of the most acknowledged way that your consumers connect with your business. However, they can also be complemented with SEO optimized content for better results and more traffic.

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