Gravis Marketing Pennsylvania Public Opinion Poll | Republican Primary and General Election Shows Governor Tom Corbett Facing tough competition for the 2014 election

Winter Springs, Florida (PRWEB) February 01, 2014

The Latest Gravis Marketing public opinion poll shows a wide-open race for Governor of the State Of Pennsylvania.

A random survey of 1,673 likely registered voters in Pennsylvania conducted by Human Events and Gravis Marketing between 1/22/14 and 1/23/14 reveals the race for the governorship in Pennsylvania has become a wide-open affair as Tom Corbetts support from his base constituency has all but eroded with likely contenders in the 2014 general election pulling these disaffected supporters to their own camps.

This core support among the Pennsylvania electorate has undergone a process of erosion since the 2010 election. According to Doug Kaplan President of Gravis Marketing “Preliminary findings below indicate declining support among Conservatives and Moderates whose support has shifted to Democrats or to other Republican contenders. From this data, it appears that if the election were held today a Democratic candidate would win the election against a Republican opponent.”

Based on the results the impact of moderate voters and those unsure will likely prove decisive in the upcoming general election. Highlights from the Human Events and Gravis Marketing survey include:

If the general election were held today, Tom Corbett would lose to Democratic candidates McCord, Schwartz and Wolf by margins of 12.0%, 7.2% and 6.7% respectively.
If the general election were held today likely voters who expressed uncertainty about their potential votes for Tom Corbett versus either McCord, Schwartz or Wolf were 16.3%, 20.8% and 24.4% respectively.
For Republican candidate Guzzardi, likely voters surveyed indicated that they would vote for all potential democratic candidates McCord, Schwartz and Wolf by margins of 12.3%, 8.7% and 8.1% respectively.
Likely voters who expressed uncertainty about th votes for the potential Guzzardi versus either McCord, Schwartz or Wolf was 26.4%, 24.7% and 31.4% respectively.
Among self-identified Conservatives Corbett holds a 44.2% to 36.5% favorability advantage over Guzzardi with 38.6% indicating they were unsure. Among self-identified Moderates Guzzardi holds a 28.3% to 17.0% advantage over Corbett with 24.4% indicating they were unsure. Among Very Conservatives Corbett holds a 32.8% to 24.7% advantage with 25.0% indicating they were unsure.
Also running for governor but not included in the poll are Katie McGinty, John Hanger, Ed Pawlowski, Max Myers and Jo Ellen Litz.

Poll Results: Primary

General Election Results

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