Great Goal by Diego Valeri of the Portland Timbers vs New York Red Bulls

Newly acquired Argentine midfielder Diego Valeri juggles past the defense and slots home a goal in his first MLS game for the Portland Timbers. Subscribe to …

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23 Responses to Great Goal by Diego Valeri of the Portland Timbers vs New York Red Bulls

  1. sicoticosandro says:

    mm.. well, if growing means being naive… then you will not win nothing never

  2. Will O'Donnell says:

    just stop talking and accept the fact that the MLS is growing

  3. usteeler81 says:

    I’m glad Espindola and Olave are doing good at NYRB even though part of me still wished that they were in a RSL uniform. On a side note who designed these jerseys?! The stripe under the arm on a lot of these uniforms makes them look terrible

  4. R McElhaney says:

    This game wasn’t just the game of the week in MLS, it was one of the world’s most exciting games this week, in my opinion. Soccer(football)in the United States keeps improving.

  5. R McElhaney says:

    A great skillful play! It’s one of the most creative goals I’ve seen!

  6. sicoticosandro says:

    you cant

  7. sicoticosandro says:

    the defender should have block him… if americans don’t start to do this kind of fouls and things, they will be always losers in this sport… you can play this sport without street wise.

  8. SeAcaboLaMagia says:

    Que grande Diegito!! jugadorezo. Aguante Lanus!!!

  9. SeAcaboLaMagia says:

    es verdad los yankis son malisimos jugando el futbol son de madera por eso creo que le va a ir bien en esa liga

  10. DUBMASTER81 says:

    que grande Valeri, eso si los defensores de la MLS son MOMIAS

  11. revsfan603 says:

    eurosnob what now?

  12. MLS SoccerBlog says:


  13. capitancriterio says:

    US fans are no longer soccer moms.

  14. oregonmike88 says:

    Slot that home!!! 

  15. Hitmonchan107 says:

    The Eurosnobs watched this and shat in their pants because they thought they were watching the EPL. Sorry fodder for trolls, this is the MLS.

  16. buzzedwithroy says:

    That was a damn good game.

  17. Ge0vone says:

    I was at the game, really exciting to watch. A tie is a fair result considering we pretty much gave them two goals

  18. Garrett Doty says:

    Omg that was amazing

  19. Ramiro Arturi says:

    He´s got class. Supreme.

  20. Joe Derbesy says:

    Sounders fan here. Great goal.

  21. FantasticFranco says:

    What was the end result?

  22. mojobo13 says:

    Such a fun game to watch.

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