Grimes Interview February, 2012

Grimes Interview February, 2012

Get a Free Grimes mp3 from Google Play (US Only): Google talks to Grimes (nee Claire Boucher) before a recent show in San Francisco. Watch her tell a story involving tug-o-war, her keyboard and an incapacitated fan; talk about songwriting; and explain why she still really loves Marilyn Manson. Get “Genesis” from Visions FREE from the Android Market (US Only):

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22 Responses to Grimes Interview February, 2012

  1. doogiedog1234 says:

    very educated and intelligent young lady

  2. killerchronic9 says:

    she likes tool.. she’s perfect

  3. TLEEMo7 says:

    her choice :L

  4. Franck Ribery says:

    She looks normal in this vid. Yay!

  5. monicaslovesyou says:

    Oops sorry I meant when she was talking, but I found out it’s called “Know The Way” thanks tho

  6. oldsweetshop says:


  7. monicaslovesyou says:

    Whats the name of the first song that plays? anyone know??

  8. oscarcanterbury says:

    Imagine if she was on speed!

  9. burch663 says:

    Its a shame Grimes smokes, I thought she would be smarter than that…..well maybe not but still she shouldn’t smoke cigs!

  10. wesselbindt says:

    I’m pretty sure someone’s got trolled here, but I can’t quite figure out who.

  11. antiirony says:

    She’s mine. Hands off, everyone!

  12. L0veepanicc says:

    lol stfu i’m not the one who’s going to die from lung cancer

  13. jsmyth024 says:

    Wow….the level of puppetry is strong with this one. Notice I compared it to soda and yt….extremely addictive and unhealthy, yet people do it all the time. YOU compared it to pie and reading. Just saying. Not to mention, you’re straying from teh point. Like arguing with a drunk idiot. Keep repeating all your handlers have taught you, youngin. I’m sure it will take you far in life. kthxbainow

  14. Tuskanr says:

    TOOL. good. Smoking, gross. I am so glad that girls still enjoy Tool

  15. jsmyth024 says:

    lol I was thinking something similar about you….’cept for the “seen and heard” part. :)

  16. SKOTP69 says:

    It’s all really….”like”! She definitely needs to be seen and heard, but not heard, if you know what I mean.

  17. MRTTVD says:

    this girl’s a genius

  18. SwetaXY says:

    I completely agree! She’s an original, unique, and seemingly genuine person- that’s why I like her so much.

  19. mightymurphout says:

    I’ve checked out some of her stuff, and whereas i dont really dig all of it, she’s got some good tunes. but the most important thing is; she’s a real musician, and there arnt many of them around any more. Plus she’s cool too! i just hoped she dosnt become musically Identified and stereotyped with Hipsters.

  20. Akaandyc says:

    Anyone else think she looks really attractive in this interview?

  21. vacantvieve says:

    Perfect human being.

  22. VNVgirl says:

    shes sweet and i really like her. :) i’m IN.

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