Groupon: Good or Bad for Business?

Groupon: Good or Bad for Business?

Groupon dot com has become a hit for businesses and consumers, providing customers with a daily discount that can lead to big savings. But, all those new patrons can backfire on the business. The AP’s Mark Carlson explains. (Aug. 2)
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14 Responses to Groupon: Good or Bad for Business?

  1. zzzraton says:

    yes, those fucking shit Groupon Customers!! why we have to do Groupon customers? shit zombies.

  2. Truc Truong says:

    yes, for sure

  3. Truc Truong says:

    Groupon customers are worst customers, and the Groupon site is bad for the merchant. they charged 50% on the merchant profit, how can merchant alive with those cheap price but have to do full service. One more thing is Groupon customer is cheapest, they do not tip well for the tech. they never come back to pay the original price to the merchant and they are waiting to see if another Groupon deal nail run and they would buy it for the cheap service. cheap customer receive cheap service.

  4. MrCarletto1974 says:


  5. Mike duce says:

    Hey, have you heard about geting a free $1000 Groupon Gift Card!? Google ( Monster Snag ) to see what I mean Its under [freebies]. only reason I am posting this is because, I really got a Giftcard! You are Welcome!

  6. zzzraton says:

    yeah, this is all a trap. cheating merchants. looks like groupon control those business. they convence merchants to do this by telling them would sending hundred of new customers. this is bullshit. groupon need merchants, without merchant, it’s dead… who knows those videos made by regular peoples, maybe those peoples in the video was groupon persons to promote their conspiration. a company like this would not last long. merchant will only try once and no more….

  7. aceplux1 says:

    Actually groupon is smart and merchant is dump, because groupon don’t have products or servicing of good but THEY CAN ‘OFFER’ A LOT OF THING, and what customer keep in mind is groupon not the merchant. In another word is, merchants been hijacked by groupon to fascinate their own brand.

  8. zzzraton says:

    I totally agree with you. they are groupon customers, not merchant.

  9. zzzraton says:

    so sometimes, a lot customers will feel like be treating second class, because of that. makes owner feels like any one groupon customer they do, it start lose money. plus, if the merchant sold tons of groupons, they might not hnor right away, you have to wait long times. instead give you appointment, they better give to their regular customer because they pay full price. a lot customers they don’t understand why they do that? we can not really say it’s merchant fault. it just the reality.

  10. zzzraton says:

    Groupon is not good for any kind of business. the reason is they took the half of the merchant discount price. so the owner of business would lose money on those groupons. plus, they have to pay salary to their employee. no matter how many groupons sold, the owner will end up lose a lot money, unless some small business that work themself like family style. otherwise, they don’t make any money. I would say the more they sell, the more they lose. that’s why they don’t really like to have Groupon.

  11. chong890 says:

    groupon lies ! just used groupon last week and discovered savings of only $3 when it advertised 50% off on regular price of $48

  12. lucasyl84 says:

    ESCROT, VOLEUR!!! Vérifier les forum qui leurs sont défier !! Je me suis fais arnaquer

  13. 507Jerry says:

    Groupon can be a nightmare for a small business without proper planning and execution. First, the small business owner must run the numbers to see the ROI at different levels and also consider how much a business can handle without hurting the service level. Some owners get greedy and it costs them big time. It would be smart to set a small limit the first time or get a professional to help set up the Groupon campaign. Also, small business owners do a poor job in getting contact info.

  14. Vpride1 says:

    Next time i will use groupon if i can find some manufacturers to make robot to cut hair and do nails so that i do not mind to loose 75% for deal and fees and do not care for loosing loyal clients cause i am going to using groupon for life.

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