Groupon on Fox Business

Groupon on Fox Business

7 thoughts on “Groupon on Fox Business

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  2. ,,,This means you purchase a coupon for $60 at the amount of $39 giving you a 50% discount. If you purchase a pair at a higher amount your discount will drop. What they should say is 50% off of a $60 coupon to be more clear, but being clear isn’t the point. They also create a sense of urgency by giving a time limitation. That is a classic bait and switch tactic.

  3. Be careful of using groupon. Their advertising is deceptive. In the subject line of their emails they will make a blanket statement of 50% off of shoes and then when you actually look at the discount you will find that that percentage is based off of a particular value coupon…

  4. GROUPON is usually bad for a business. After we ran offers with Groupon, our reaction now is ‘keep away from Groupon’. The promise of lots of customers is very enticing, and the sales pitch from Groupon aggressive. The customers are almost invariably ‘bargain hunters’. They will not become repeat business or buyers who will add value to your company. Unless you can make a worthwhile profit from each customer at the first visit, and have a low marginal cost, DON’T use Groupon for your company.

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