Groupon on Good Morning America

Aired November 30, 2009
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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4 Responses to Groupon on Good Morning America

  1. kingblingbla says:

    THE NEXT GROUPON! Savemoney4life . thecustomeradvantage . com

  2. mordred612 says:

    …This means you purchase a coupon for $60 at the amount of $30 giving you a 50% discount. If you purchase a pair at a higher amount your discount will drop. What they should say is 50% off of a $60 coupon to be more clear, but being clear isn’t the point. They also create a sense of urgency by giving a time limitation. That is a classic bait and switch tactic.

  3. mordred612 says:

    Be careful of using groupon. Their advertising is deceptive. They use classic used car salesman bait and switch to capture sales. In the subject line of their emails they will make a blanket statement of 50% off of shoes and then when you actually look at the discount you will find that that percentage is based off of a particular value coupon.,,

  4. lightgirl61 says:

    Interesting company but it does not work at all in Spain where they have an offce. So complicated to access. Probably only works in America —as usual….

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