Grow Your Business Online: An Interactive Course on SEO (SPACE LIMITED)

Grow Your Business Online: An Interactive Course on SEO (SPACE LIMITED)
Event on 2015-02-18 19:00:00
85% of people search for local business online, making the need for a strong digital presence and knowledge of how to manage it essential to any business. This 4 week course will directly examine your business’s online presence and teach you how to increase traffic and convert leads through both traditional coursework and an interactive direct & small group (max 12 per class) consultation with Digital Marketing expert Mike Forgie. Mike has 12 years of marketing experience working with a wide range of companies, (including event promoters, record agencies, and talent managers) and formerly with one of the state’s top digital marketing firms. He is now head of SEO at M Studio, an awesome Asbury Park-based full suite marketing/branding company and runs his own Digital Marketing agency, Next Step Connect.  Prerequisites:-Your own website, which runs on WordPress, Squarespace, or the like (NOT Wix). Must have access to developer tools.-Google Analytics setup prior to class. Mike can help with this if necessary.-This class is geared towards aiding freelancers and brick-and-mortar small business owners (NOT e-commerce sites).  Deliverables:-Baseline Review of Current Site Traffic and a better understanding of how to monitor/track traffic from SEO efforts-Weekly review of site traffic change and analysis of change based on efforts-Workshops and group/individual time with Mike to learn:   -Your Keywords   -What plug-ins to use to increase/monitor traffic   -Where to post to get your site higher up in searches   -Help in converting your site visits into clients/sales-Installation during class time of essential tools on your site.-Connection to others to continue working together on SEO for your site Curriculum (Course is every Wednesday @ 7pm): 1) IntroWhy optimize? What is SEO > Great Examples > Review of Client Sites for BaselineIf you are interested in this workshop, you know there are certain things you can do to get your site ranked on Google. But why exactly do we optimize our sites? What does optimization entail? What results can we expect? Mike will answer these questions and give you your first taste of what can be accomplished with SEO. 2) Introduction to Analytics and Webmaster ToolsWhat are Webmaster Tools? Great examples of  tools being used > Example of a client’s page > Workshop to use Webmaster tools > Review and Homework assignmentsLearn the behavior of your customers, see if your website has any errors, submit your site to Google. There are many tools you can use to better your website, and you will install the top two on your site and learn how to use them. 3) Keyword Overview & IdentificationWhat are Keywords? > Best Examples of a site & its keywords > Client Example of Key Words > Open Workshop to Identify best Keywords for each Client’s siteThe difference between ranking for “coffee” and ranking for “fair trade coffee” can greatly impact a cafe’s sales. You will learn how to choose the proper keywords for your site using tools like the Google’s Keyword Planner and competition tools. 4) Better Content, Better SearchOptimizing content & Meta Data w/ Keywords > Samples of Content & Keyword use > Great Example > Client Example > Workshopping > Review & HomeworkRemember those keywords we researched? Now is time to use them. Proper placement in content and meta data is key in order to climb the ranks and not get hit with a spam penalty. Alt text, hyperlinks, and more can all be keyword optimized. 5) Getting your Site Out There: Where & how to put your site elsewhere onlineWhere to put content online? > Best sites/online directories to use; Google Places > Great example of a digital presence putting content up > Client example > Workshopping > Review & homeworkNow that your site has a good foundation, it is time to call attention to it. You will be putting your site on business directories, finding sites to guest blog on, and finding other various outlets like forums to help your site climb the ranks.  6) Conducting Competitor ResearchWhat is Competitor Research? > Great Examples > Client Example > Workshop > Review & HomeworkIf your competition is beating you online, they must be doing something right. You will find out what sites are linking back to your competitors’ sites, and how you can get yourself on those sites too. 7) How’s our Traffic & How do we use it? Review of site traffic and help w/ converting leadsReview Traffic history during course > Learn about Lead Conversion > Great example of how to convert > Client Example > Workshop > Review & HomeworkTime to use the tools you installed on our site to gauge how our efforts are doing. What strategies worked? Did you start ranking for a word?  8) End of course review: How did we do & what’s next?Individual Site Review> Recommendations>Feedback> Continuing education > Continuing to work with MikeThis last module is pure Q&A. You can ask Mike any miscellaneous questions you may have and he will give you resources for continuing your education. 

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