Grow your business online

Grow your business online
Event on 2016-10-07 08:30:00
Let us demystify the world of digital marketing, providing you with practical tips and straightforward advice on how to grow your business online. We at the Business & IP Centre Newcastle are proud to invite five of the North's digital and content marketing experts who will each deliver informative, interactive presentations covering every aspect of digital marketing; from strategy, SEO and pay-per-click to content marketing and beyond. We will also be welcoming back Google's Digital Garage to Newcastle City Library with a short presentation from a Digital Garage Trainer to kick off the event – covering how to reach new customers online.  This event is perfect for business owners, managers and entrepreneurs across all industries who want to better understand digital marketing – regardless of your level of knowledge. Colleagues, employees and those who simply want to brush up on their digital marketing skills are also welcome!  Feel free to dip in and out of the presentations, or stick around for networking with like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs.  Event programme:  This full day event will take place in the Bewick Hall, City Library, Newcastle. Feel free to dip in and out of sessions or stay for a day of insight into all things digital marketing, plus networking with like-minded people.  8:30 Networking – tea & coffee  9:00 Introduction from BIPC  9:10 Reach New Customers Online – Presentation from Google Digital Garage 10:10 Creating your digital marketing strategy – Kathy Allen (Managing Director, Making It Happen Marketing)  11:10  Coffee break 11:30 SEO De-mystified : How to make sure your website can be found through search – Dave Ray (Business Development Manager, Daykin & Storey) 12:30 Pay Per Click made easy – Michael Knowles (Managing Director, ROAR Digital Marketing) 13:30 Break for lunch 14:15 Content Marketing Part 1: How to create great content that gets results! – Zoe Hartill (Freelance Content Writer | Digital Marketing Consultant) 15:15 Content Marketing Part 2: Sharing your content with the world – Stephanie Dunn (Freelance Digital and Content Marketer | SL Content 16:15 Networking and Ask the Experts – Our digital marketing experts will stick around to answer any of your digital marketing questions, there will also be an opportunity to network with your peers. Please note: Lunch is not provided. There is a café in the library and plenty of shops nearby where you can buy some food. Or feel free to bring your own.  About the digital marketing seminars and speakers Google Digital Garage presentation – Reach New Customers Online To kick off the event, BIPC and Newcastle City Library will also be welcoming back Google's Digital Garage, with a presentation from a Google Digital Garage Trainer. Discover how understanding your online offering can help you to attract new customers. Join us to learn how to optimise your site for search, the benefits of online advertising, and how to gain customer insights and measure success Creating your digital marketing strategy – Kathy Allen, Managing Director, Making It Happen Marketing We all know getting digital marketing right is important to our business, but do you have a digital marketing strategy? And where to start? Kathy will talk you through the benefits of having a digital marketing strategy in place, how to get started and what it should cover.  In other words, how to create a real digital marketing strategy that will help your business to grow in the way that you want it to. About Making It Happen Marketing: SEO de-mystified – Dave Ray, Business Development Manager, Daykin & Storey We all know that Search Engine Optimisation is important – we want potential customers to be able to find our site online. But where do you start with SEO? In this seminar, Dave will cover some pracitical advice on how to make sure your website is optimised for search engines, as well as some top tips on what search engines like. Perfect for business owners and employees who are working on their websites themselves, or for anyone who wants a more thorough understanding of how to optimise their website so that it's found by search engines.  About Dave Ray: Pay Per Click made easy – Michael Knowles, Managing Director, ROAR Digital Marketing  In this 1 hour seminar, Michael will be taking you through the complex world of paid-for online advertising commonly known as PPC. During the session, we will be discussing the whole area of Pay Per Click advertising, including Search campaigns, Display campaigns, Shopping campaigns, and even Youtube advertising. This seminar is designed to help business owners from all industries understand how PPC could form an important part of any marketing strategy. About ROAR Digital Marketing: Content marketing part 1: How to create great content that gets results – Zoe Hartill, Freelance Copywriter | Content Marketing Consultant During this interactive seminar, Zoe will cover what makes great content marketing and more importantly, how to create content that will help you to attract more customers to your website. The session will cover content planning and expert tips on how to write great content that converts. Get expert advice straight from a content writer!   About Zoe Hartill: Content marketing part 2: Sharing your content with the world – Stephanie Dunn, Freelance Digital & Content Marketing Consultant, SL Content Now you've created your great content, you'll need to know how to get it out into the world and share it with your potential customers! In part two of our content marketing seminars, Steph will cover best practice for sharing content on social media, email marketing, collaborating with others and how to measure success.  About SL Content:

at Newcastle City Hall
4 College Street
Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

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