Grow your Etsy Shop – San Francisco, CA

Grow your Etsy Shop – San Francisco, CA
Event on 2015-12-25 17:00:00
****** A free event exclusively for Etsy sellers ******
Let’s meet & discuss how to grow your Etsy shop in 2016. We’ll talk about:
– 6 SEO pointers that get you sales
– the step-by-step process of buying from buyer’s perspective
– how to implement 1 & 2 together to increase relevant organic traffic (hands-on workshop)

I am here as part of my Etsy Seller Meetup Road Trip (across 14 cities in US, ~4500 miles).

At this (free) event, I will be meeting a lot of Etsy sellers like you and discussing about how you can grow your shop in 2016.

With all the recent changes in search algorithms, there are a handful of SEO pointers that are super-relevant to your shop. We will talk about 6 of those that can increase organic traffic to your shop.
For example, long tail keywords are still super-important, and we will discuss how to find the most relevant long tail keywords for your listings.

We will dig deep into the step-by-step process of buying and then connect each step to an action to optimize your shop.

Think of this event as a launchpad to optimize your shop for maximum sales.

About me:
I am Natwar, founder of, a social media marketing tool for Etsy sellers.

Cities that I am visiting:
Washington DC
Huntington WV
Atlanta GA
New Orleans LA
Houston TX
Austin TX
Dallas TX
Albuquerque NM
Las Vegas NV
Los Angeles CA
San Francisco CA
Sacramento CA
Portland OR
Seattle WA

Hope to see you in one of these meetups 🙂

For more information, visit event website:

Natwar M

at AcademyX San Francisco Classroom
601 Montgomery Street #409
San Francisco, United States

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