Grow your profitability by 50% with a Conversion Funnel, with Campbell Macdonald

Grow your profitability by 50% with a Conversion Funnel, with Campbell Macdonald
Event on 2014-11-17 19:00:00

Conversion Rate Optimization is growing in popularity as more marketers are recognizing that converting the traffic you already have is a better use of your time and money than constantly buying more visitors. We'll cover the core techniques to get you up and running including different approaches for low and high volume sites, and most importantly how to get improvements that stick and show up on your bottom line.

In this presentation you will learn about:

• See what people actually do with Google Analytics

• Use simple surveys to see what people actually think of you

• How A/B testing works and why it matters

• Getting your changes to stick and seeing more dollars

• Building a "testing culture" for your business

Campbell is the CEO of Pathful which provides intelligent conversion insights to performance and content marketers. He has background in digital marketing and e-commerce with prior roles at Home Depot and Build Direct.


Twitter: @cambel and @getpathful



After the Meetup we're taking the group out for drinks at a local pub/bar walking distance from the Meetup! (Location Top-Secret for now…)

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