Growing iAbrasive with the Help of Elance

Zhengzhou, China (PRWEB) October 15, 2014

iAbrasive has positioned itself to be an internationally leading abrasives platform since the website was founded. As a part of the service industry, iAbrasive is devoted to providing the best service for the abrasives industry. The achievements of iAbrasive are outstanding and have been universally recognized. To meet demand of new developing stages and achieve profit maximization for customers, iAbrasive has recently outsourced some of its business to the internationally known outsourcing service networkElance, where experienced and popular freelancers are invited to provide service and help to iAbrasive.

There’s a world of talented people now freelancing on Elance. This includes various fields of application, IT, marketing, network marketing are included. The operation mode of Elance can be put as follows: after an employer launches a certain project, free lancers will bid freely. At last it’s up to the employer which freelancer is the most qualified one to fulfill the project. There were more than 20 free lancers bidding for each project iAbrasive launched on Elance. The result was that only one of them won the bidding. Currently, iAbrasive has four projects on Elance, they are SEO, soft article writing for brand marketing, English news proofreading, and EDM mail marketing strategy.

SearchBerg, a leading SEO company that provides reliable and lucrative SEO services, which have been spoken highly of by its regular customers. The major cooperation fields between iAbrasive and SearchBerg cover on-page optimization and off-page optimization. The former includes keyword analysis, Meta tag optimization, SEO content optimization, Sitemap and suggestions on the adjustment of overall website layout, etc. On-page optimization has been started, and off-page optimization is around the corner.

Among the rest three projects, the candidates for custom articles and English news proofreading are respectively Susette Horspool, Raymund and Daphne Parsekian. Both Susette Horspool and Raymund are professionals in content marketing field. Daphne Parsekian who is responsible for English news proofreading has over 15 years’ experience. The purpose of iAbrasive is to make the news in line with English ways of expression. In addition, EDM mailbox marketing strategy is in a bid.

By outsourcing part of its business, iAbrasive seeks to provide better services for the abrasives industry.

Author: Liwei Chu

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