Growth Hacking Fundamentals: Hands-On Workshop Tel-Aviv

Growth Hacking Fundamentals: Hands-On Workshop Tel-Aviv
Event on 2015-05-03 16:30:00
Growth Hacking Fundamentals:Hands-On Workshop for Startups and Data Driven Marketers  



Brought to you by Challengy and the producers of the Startup Marketing Conference, this workshop provides in-depth training on achieving early stage reapeatable and scalable growth. You will walk away from this event with a solid understanding of the growth marketing framework plus some specific tactics that you can apply right away.

Grounded in examples from real companies, you'll learn how to attract your first few customers and how to then scale those techniques to drive thousands more.

 Part 1. The Growth Marketing Guide: Getting your first 1000 users

  • The Mindset of a Growth Hacker
  • Growth Marketing Framework: (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, Revenue) 
  • Gaining Early Traction by Doing Things that Don’t Scale

Part 2. Converting Visitors Into Customers

  • A Beginner Guide to Content Marketing 
  • Low-Cost and High-Impact Ways of Driving traffic with Social and Digital Advertising
  • How to Write Killer Email Conversion Copy
  • How to Develop Rock Solid Market Segments and Why They’re Key to Success
  • Webinars: Your Secret Conversion Weapon for 2015 

Part 3. Tactics for Building for Sustainable Growth

  • The Non-geek’s Guide To Setting Up Tracking
  • Talking With Your Users To Understand the Problem Areas
  • Analyzing User Behavior To Find Opportunities
  • Growth Hacking Toolkit

Part 4. Growth unConference 

  • Share your growth challenges with fellow workshop attendees
  • Get personalized feedback from workshop instructors
  • Build your own growth marketing strategy
  • Walk away with 3 actionable items you can implement next day to grow your company 

 * Agenda is subject to change — we customize the workshop experience based on the average marketing experience of attendees. Click below for details. 




Zack Onisko

Head of Growth & Marketing

Creative Market (Autodesk)

at TBA

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

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