GTA V’s New Trailer Analysis – IGN Rewind Theater

Here is everything we know about GTA 5! Get the full scoop on Rockstar’s latest, three-protagonist title straight from IGN’s experts. Subscribe to IGN’s channel for reviews, news, and all things gaming:

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23 Responses to GTA V’s New Trailer Analysis – IGN Rewind Theater

  1. Sasha Kurakov says:

    4:51  Dr Dre

  2. David Galvão Camargo says:

    Cade os brasileiro

  3. enechols623 says:

    Yeah u know I am GETTING GTA 5

  4. Grammar Sheriff says:

    That’d be my job, citizen.

  5. Jacob Polley says:


  6. LAAWWWDDDD says:

    3:43 – 3:49 It says 1375 on the wall which could relate to 7th May ’13 as the possible release date

  7. OfficialREDDICE says:


  8. Sean Taylor says:

    Oh I know that, but hopefully they will one day reach a licensing agreement and it will become an advertisement mecha! It would be cool to sport your favorite threads too like nike, adidas, or have apple products or something. 

  9. dungmaker says:

    What about the MUSIC??????

  10. ComedyAndAction says:

    guy’s – I’m pretty new to making video’s and haven’t uploaded too many, I’d really appreciate it if you took 2 minutes of your spare time to check out my fan-made GTA V trailer and give me some feedback(:

  11. liam middleton says:

    I Heard March 26 and I also Heard rock star took it down so that’s Pretty good evidence

  12. Enemaye Okai says:

    Micheal kinda looks and sounds like Ray Layotta

  13. jdmpapa1938475849 says:

    FUCKING LOVE GTA MY FAVORITE GAME. when evr i get bored gta is there

  14. MrErtgg says:

    I have a feeling Trevor will be my favorite character in GTA V

  15. MrErtgg says:

    and finally add a zombie free roam XD, something I was waiting for since 2010

  16. MrErtgg says:

    you mean undead nightmare

  17. ImmortalFuture says:

    Like in red dead

  18. david angel says:

    holy shit April or May

  19. matiox9999 says:

    They should do a Undead version of GTA V it would be awesome

  20. gta5forlife says:

    maybe it could be a minigame secret mission? i dunno xD

  21. deas100000 says:

    whos ready for gta v say i

  22. Niko Bellic says:

    Fuck CJ little fag got raped and bitched by catalina

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