Guided Meditation Prosperity Attracting Money In Speed

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17 thoughts on “Guided Meditation Prosperity Attracting Money In Speed

  1. Awesome video. Thank you so much . Of all the meditation on prosperity this is the best. I was with my son and husband at floor 55 – dancing with joy – oh my soul is so grateful at that awesome vision of wealth cash,gold,diamonds are all over the place . Each time I open the door , the closet , the Drawers there’s money – there’s lot Of gold.

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  3. Thanks! great…Everybody is invited to visit my channel with amazing positive videos! Every new friend is WELCOME! See you 🙂

  4. God bless you I love this voice and music work so much! Went to iTunes and bought all the rest of this wonderful group albums! – A true bless that we have this to use! And thank you for posting this one for free.Wouldn’t get to know it otherwise!!! God bless you Israel Healing System!!!

  5. Peace. I want everyone to be happy at least most of the day and to be having incredible safe sex atleast a few times a week and to have access to non processed fresh natural perservative free foods.

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