Guillermo Rigondeaux Is done with #TopRank #GoldenBoy might be Next —– copyright infringementIn in…
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16 Responses to Guillermo Rigondeaux Is done with #TopRank #GoldenBoy might be Next

  1. tyjuan snow says:

    I wonder what took him so long

  2. Arab KING says:

    3 fights cruz mares russell. rigo wont beat them, he might retire them lol

  3. collingoat says:

    fantastic move! He better go to GB, his career will take off. Santa Cruz, Mares, & Vargas(130lb tho) 

  4. Jonathan Solero says:

    Leo Santa, The winner of gary russell vs lomachenko would be epic also

  5. trochez89 says:

    1. Johnny Gonzalez 2. Leo Santa Cruz 3. Russell Jr 

  6. what? says:

    TR is a sinking ship. 

  7. Luis Manuel Montes de Oca says:

    Oh man! Rigo just keep making the wrong decisions. I think he should get rid of a lot of people that are around him right now. He is a master in the ring but I’m afraid that he is no as smart in business…. 

  8. Willie Maeket says:

    Rigo has to bail from Top Rank when your promoter and company don’t want you on their network. GBP always has a place for great talent and if he signs with Al “Make my fighters millions” Haymon he will be well paid and featured on better cards.

  9. Marine556 says:

    Yes!!! A great fighter like rigo deserves to fight the best and deserves a big payday! I hope he’s smart and don’t to SMS like Gamboa… I would love to see him against Leo santacruz, carl frampton, mares, or even nanito again if he moves aswell

  10. dainier garcia says:

    Gary Russell jr might not get past lomancheko tbh. But if he does I wanna see him vs rigo. I think not only is leaving pedro a mistake but going up to 126 is also a huge mistake. Rigo is in my opinion the most skilled fighter but he is too small for 126 . Can he outclass boxers at 126 absolutely but his punches won’t be as effective. Rigo is a natural 118.

  11. Info Channel says:

    great move for rigo…. he should sign with Al haymon I would like to see him face Russel jr, mares and beat the shit out of cruz

  12. Arab KING says:

    I hate the fact that he left diaz too brother

  13. nitraM eizneR says:

    I’d like to see Mares face Rigondeaux and let’s see what happens!

  14. Abdi - Hakim Mohamed says:

    Santa Cruz, scott quigg from UK he’s WBA champ & kid galahad from UK who’s EU champ and is a very good boxer

  15. jmere says:

    I am not sure if goldenboy will want to sign Rigondeaux, they may not want to have to put him in there with mares and santa cruz, cause they are their young and upcoming fighters. I have a feeling he will sign with Iron mike productions because they are based in Miami, and have alot of cuban and caribbean fighters.

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