Guitar Control Announces New Reggae Rhythm Guitar Lesson Is Online

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) April 06, 2013

Jimmy Dillon, accomplished guitarist and teacher with the online musical instruction company Guitar Control, is featured in this reggae guitar lesson that focuses on rhythm. It involves a basic pattern played in G major, so its ideal for anyone, even beginners.

Mastering rhythm guitar takes practice, and playing reggae guitar chords can be a great exercise, regardless of a persons preferred style of music. The tempo is unique and often upbeat, so its easy to enjoy and doesnt take too much effort.

The roots of reggae music run all the way back to the 1960s, when it was first heard on the island of Jamaica. Furthermore, over the past several decades it has evolved into a world renowned sound that is usually associated with sun and fun.

This brief video lesson contains basic but beneficial information that can of course be reviewed endlessly online, so trying to remember a specific trick or bit of advice is not a major issue anymore. In addition, helpful guitar rhythm tabs are provided for further assistance.

Another nice aspect of learning online is that a lot of the information is actually 100% free, with absolutely no strings attached, like this reggae guitar lesson. This may come as a relief to people that always wanted to learn, yet found it to be beyond their budget.

So, whether it may be reggae guitar, blues, or metal that somebody is looking to learn, the ever expanding internet more likely than might, shine some sort of light on the subject!

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