Plug a guitar into the Pathfinder and this is the sound you get… amazing! This is easily one of the best, low cost, solid state amps on the market. No gimmicks… just pure tone! If you hear Reverb during the video, it is from the Pathfinder’s built in spring reverb. Recorded with a Shure SM57 mic.


  1. 0:46 Dire Straits – Sultans of Swing 1:20 John Fogerty – The Old Man Down The Road 2:05 Led Zeppelin – Rock’n’Roll 2:29 Jimi Hendrix – The Wind Cries Mary 3:12 Aerosmith – Sweet Emotion 5:14 The Smashing Pumpkins – Zero Very wide genre composition it seems like 🙂

  2. Always love it when someone is using the same effect pedal and makes it sound like heaven. Great review man. Im going to save up for this amplifier because my first tube amp (Fender Champ 100) aint cuttin it. Plus id kind of like to try a VOX and see how i like it!

  3. I’ve got both the head version (SMR) and combo version (15R) of this amp. The 15R has the same outputs on the rear as the head (which was only made in limited production about 8 years ago). Besides being manufactured in different countries, they are the same. To get more clean volume from the combo, plug it into an 8ohm 2×12 cab. I’ve gigged this – though 15watts solid state does have its limits.

  4. After hearing less than stellar reviews of the boost function on this amp, I’ve got to say that I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of it while playing some SP.

  5. Nice playing overall. However you are playing the wrong chords for ‘Come Together’. You must first tune your guitar to drop-D tuning (lower your top E string to D).

  6. I would not recommend that you use an OD when you have the boost engaged on the amp…. way too much distortion and noise. However, use an OD with the gain turned up high enough that the guitar is just starting to break up, and the sound is heaven.

  7. does the gain and boost sound good when you push it with a od pedal? I cant make my mind up on a good bedroom amp, this or a epiphone valve junior combo

  8. I love the vintage tone of this amp! but the pathfinder have a so much low volume than a +vt20 or no? i want the amp for practice with drums.. sorry for my spelling

  9. I have not tried the Kustom. I can say that the VT+20 is a different amp than the Pathfinder. If you are new to playing guitar or just want a fun amp, then the VT+20 is perfect because it has all sorts of crazy effects to make it sound interesting. The Pathfinder is more for people who like classic rock or having been playing guitar for awhile and know the tone they are searching for. The Pathfinder has a better speaker than the +VT 20, and real spring reverb, and it takes pedals very well.

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