GUMI Sweet – Sweet Shackles + english lyrics + romaji + rus sub

I own only my translation and work with subtitles All rights of video and sound reserved by their owners Мне принадлежит только перевод и работа с субтитрами Все права на видео и звук закреплены за их владельцами O_O This work took most long time, over 12 hours. I tried to translate original lyrics into romaji and fix it all in subtitles. After all I decided translate it into my native language and I was surprised of beautiful lyrics. Enjoy! ^_^
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17 thoughts on “GUMI Sweet – Sweet Shackles + english lyrics + romaji + rus sub

  1. Let’s see, I have two options. 1. I can be lonely for the rest of my life. 2. Gumi can tie me up and make me her husband in a mansion. … I’ll take curtain number two!

  2. yeah, gumi will be using her panda hero powers and kicking peoples asses. and if they don’t listen to her, she goes Yandere. meanwhile rin becomes the daughter of evil again… seems legit

  3. I never thought I’d be so scared of Gumi. However, being trapped in a house with her as a wife might not be bad. I mean, she can sing incredibly well, she looks beautiful, and I have everything I’d ever need anyways, so why not?

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