Gun Magazine Ban

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  1. Brian Hobbs says:

    PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION TO SAVE OUR RIGHTS. (GOING STRAIGHT TO CONGRESS) 2nd Amendment Petition supportsecondamendment dot c o m. It’s getting delivered directly 2 congress. The last petition they did 4 healthcare hit over a MILLION signatures. I know that we can easily match this with the 100 million gun owners that are in this country. Everything that can be done to fight this political battle needs to be done. Please sign this petition & get as many others to as well!! Thank You!

  2. archuka1 says:

    Total agreement Pete — that’s a no brainer to us gun folks !! gesh

  3. Marshal Stockburn says:

    The GOV of New York said today he is trying to get STATE law changed…..READY FOR THIS ? ……………..SEVEN ROUND LIMIT on magazines. If that passes, I guess everyone in the State of NY will be carrying Colt 1911 45´s. Like the patch on your bench says, YOU CAN´T FIX STUPID. Sure am glad I live in the SOUTH !

  4. zmm1990 says:

    yup, thats exactly how Columbine went down. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold simply walked around the school in no rush whatsoever

  5. xdkidd13 says:

    Love the flyers stuff on your bench

  6. onsskater2 says:

    damn i feel sorry for you man…you should just move here to VA! :)

  7. Dansaracco21 says:

    Everyone needs to write to their congressman, super easy takes 3 minutes.. make your voice heard!

  8. sake408 says:

    But, but, but the liberals say someone might be able to rush the shooter while he’s reloading! Complete BS.

  9. alexander wallace says:

    Amen brother! I like you have a g23, between me an my roommate I would cost is $1000 dollars to “register” our firearms.. I say FUCK that!!! I’m writing letters to congress senate and the president today! If we unite we can make a difference!!! Keep fighting the good fight brother!!!!

  10. FirearmHobbyist says:

    I live in ny and its already shitty to be a gun owner. I’m about 6 months into the pistol permit process. This is crazy. I can’t even purchase half the firearms out there because the manufacturers don’t make mags with 10 rounds or less. I’m so fed up !

  11. Nicktsx420 says:

    Dianne Feinstein (202) 224-3841 Diana DeGette  (202) 225-4431 White House (202)-456-1111 John Boehner (202) 225-6205 Call Them And Help Protect Our Rights ! Tell Them You Will NOT Stand For This !

  12. retthok says:

    The gun haters would have it down to single action only if they could. They’re doing it just to F with us. Coumo has already suggested even 10 rounds is too much because we don’t need 10 rounds to kill a deer. It’s getting more and more bizarre out there by the minute.

  13. spidersense says:

    California is the already the 10round limit, deal with it like how we do

  14. MrArad4 says:

    I know exactly why it was written, I am just tired of having to explain why I need one to clueless people.

  15. EmergencyNightNurse says:

    By the way, the number one reason I need a thirty round magazine is so that I can miss my target, (a lot)…and still prevail if my adrenalin is making my hands shake.

  16. EmergencyNightNurse says:

    The “Bill Clinton” crime bill that Dianne Feinstein rammed down our throats was actually indirectly responsible for a lot of nice concealable firearms, (as well as the “planet of the apes” thumb-hole stocked AK’s). Every action has an equal reaction. Instead of drive by gang shootings, perhaps the Crips and the Bloods will resort to IED’s and use car bombings for their turf wars.

  17. Brian Thomas says:

    While I agree that trying to limit magazine size is pointless, all the comments that this is leading to the loss of Second Amendment rights are even more so. Learn Amendment 5 first and how difficult it is to change the constitution. The State or Federal legislatures aren’t going to commit economic suicide by killing the American gun industry’s ability to sell to civilians.

  18. confusingadam says:

    It seems you are pissed off as I am. 10 rounds mag don’t mean shit. I couldn’t agree with you more. I just don’t want to have to wait and spend more $ on replacing all of my magazines for fit new gun laws that make no sense. That and they will be more $ and on back order. This country is in a whirl wind of shit.

  19. ltGargoyle says:

    you should hurry. Organize. try non violence first. but always be prepared to protect your consitutional rights.

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