Guns and Robots Gameplay – First Look HD for Guns and Robots reviews, gameplay videos, guides, screenshots, tips, news and more. Guns and Robots is a 3D third person shooter by Masthead Studios. In Guns and Robots players create robotic combatants from scratch utilizing a variety of parts and weapon types, each with their own unique attributes. Players participate in last man standing style of matches where they can destroy individual components of their enemies robots in order to cripple or disable them completely. for the best free MMORPG and MMO Games. Every First Look is filled with informative gameplay showcasing each game\’s character creation menu, a breakdown of individual classes, some early PvE and PvP content and other features. In the end the main goal of the video is to share our first impressions of the game. Watch more First Look videos Watch other MMOBomb Shows: Follow Us: Forum: Facebook: Twitter:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to Guns and Robots Gameplay – First Look HD

  1. Spunkifyable says:

    Actually if you listened to me correctly you will note I wished for it to be a voting system. Currently one person can hit the button and start it. If it required say 3 votes for 8 people that would make sense. Because maybe only one person wants to start and the others want to wait. 😉

  2. Daniel Castro says:

    the character creation looks like spore

  3. Erebus2075 says:

    they shouldnt do more dmg just move faster so they can outkite the launchers

  4. ProvAoEGaming says:

    Force start: Because nobody wants to sit for 20 minutes waiting for the teams to even out, when there are only 16 people online, of which most of them are probably AFK. Idiot.

  5. cRaZyMiNdSXD says:

    I agree with you. CoD and other fps game is like almost the same except for their weapon and maps etc.This game is more different than other fps game and it attract people who get bored with those kind of fps game

  6. W4V3MAKER says:

    World of Tanks isn’t really customization, it’s just upgrading which makes it a terrible comparison for this game. This game actually looks great, but it’s clearly going to need re balancing and patches to fix things.

  7. probablyanotherfun says:

    wow it looks amayzing

  8. WoTProductions1 says:

    this game looks fun, I just signed up, when do you get the game?

  9. zzparadoxzz says:

    yeah rocket launcher is too OP i hate it and its stupid

  10. Skoshtwo says:

    lol. Some stupid idiots ask for 60 euros from their mommies to buy stupid shit like Call Of Duty. Stupid people spend ridiculous amounts of money on silly things. That’s the way this world works.

  11. pozzezzedteddybear says:

    Ps, When can i start my lp? After the whole beta or during the open beta? Ooh and can i repost my old Youtube clip? If you respons ill be grateful 😀

  12. NeroTheDarkSlayer says:

    Is 2013 going to be mech year?

  13. pozzezzedteddybear says:

    i am on this clip 😀 I am Momyr and my friend is Slasherknife!!!!! To bad i wasnt allowed to make a lp until the closed beta is over :/ Anyhows YAY !!!!!!

  14. Miki Rendulic says:

    Hey guys do a gameplay for Dark Spore Online 😀

  15. StylishLoveLS says:


  16. John Poh says:

    i feel like i’m watching wall-e without the love

  17. hxah says:

    no closed but I think theres still some beta keys in

  18. TheUltraX says:

    That’s one of the reasons why people hate CoD so much. A new CoD game would just be almost exactly the same as the previous game that was released in the previous year. Another reason why people hate CoD so much is a part of the online community. About 50% of CoD’s playerbase are spoiled little kids.

  19. Matridon Fusionelias says:

    camon :( u made marvel heroes first look private :(

  20. TheDefaultStats2 says:

    I still don’t understand why people are hating on CoD so much. I played some Black Ops and it was good fun. Although all of the CoD games are basically the same thing.

  21. TheZman5801 says:

    WTf crap? COD rocks!

  22. TheZman5801 says:

    17:05 lol dont no kill me

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