Guru Larry’s Retro Corner – Punch-Out 2?? (NES)

Originalyl Uploaded: Sun 23 Mar 2008 12:47:18 PDT Larry Takes a look at the NES sequel to the boxing classic “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!”. But the game was so bad Nintendo scrapped the title, but it actually was released a year later under a different name. Special thanks to TheGamingGoose for bringing this game up in a conversation many moons ago, where I initally heard it from. To see a higher quality/higher res version of this video on Youtube Click here: Honours 24 March 2007: #76 – Most Discussed (Today) #5 – Most Discussed (Today) – Science & Technology #27 – Most Discussed (Today) – Science & Technology – Global #6 – Most Viewed (Today) – Science & Technology #52 – Most Viewed (Today) – Science & Technology – Global #45 – Most Viewed (This Week) – Science & Technology #66 – Top Favourites (Today) #1 – Top Favourites (Today) – Science & Technology #13 – Top Favourites (Today) – Science & Technology – Global #22 – Top Rated (Today) #1 – Top Rated (Today) – Science & Technology #8 – Top Rated (Today) – Science & Technology – Global #2 – Top Rated (This Week) – Science & Technology #43 – Top Rated (This Week) – Science & Technology – Global

9 Replies to “Guru Larry’s Retro Corner – Punch-Out 2?? (NES)”

  1. It stands for That Guy With The Glasses although Larry’s stuff would be on another site called Blistered Thumbs now rather than TGWTG but youtube seems to be the best place to watch Larry’s vids these days so I wouldnt bother checking those sites

  2. I realized something terrifying. Beam also made the NES versions of the Back To The Future trilogy; meaning they made three horrendous games for the NES in addition to this one.

  3. ha ha i remember this episode from t.v …i had never heard of power punch 2 untill i watched the Retro corner…i then had to go and try it for myself .. yeah its bad REAL BAD!!! i ended up deleting the rom never again my freind NEVER AGAIN!!!

  4. i also brought KO boxing as a kid – what a steming turd of a game, george forman needs his knackers slamming in one of his grills for that stink nugget!

  5. Larry, I just watched about 10 of your classics videos and lots of fun they were. This one literally made me hit my head on the desk. How did they degrade punchout to this? It’s almost like Star Fox 2 for SNES being shoved out of the market..except that was actually quite amazing and impressive.

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