H) The Turing Test (Edwin Mingard)

A ‘taster’ made as part of the Shorted Film Challenge, and one of three winners receiving development and NFM funding to produce their short this summer (2011). SARAH quits a brief modelling career after her first, awful photoshoot. She needs a job — any job — to pay the bills. She lives with a guy called ANDREW, who is easy-going and tries to help. She gets two jobs, and is fired from each in quick succession. After being fired for the second time in a few days, Sarah is feeling really down. She gets drunk. She shouts at Andrew, who’s only trying to help. They decide that there’s only one way to have a crap job without compromising your humanity: to do your job really badly. To write messages on the inside of corporate envelopes, tell people stories down the phone, cancel people’s debts on the computer system. Sarah starts her new job the next day, and puts the idea into practice. Starring Ruth Johnson and Michael Carruthers Edwin Mingard (writer/director) Kyle Heslop (Director of Photography) Kate Eccles (Costume) Aris Anastassopolous Ben Wilson Steve Lee Laura Biziou Van Pol Mike Gandham

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