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16 Responses to HACKED AGAIN!

  1. simon44229 says:

    and the guy that says ha ha peanuts is so like me to.

  2. simon44229 says:

    i like the part were joson says none your god dam buisness.

  3. michael burns says:

    Anyone remember the voice in Jason’s head from the minecraft series ( which I think is the current one they are working on) that was probably influencing him the whole time but only introduced to us then. Lol

  4. Larzz Dymek says:

    Now seriously, where, the FUCK did this series go?!?

  5. banfio64 says:

    no no no, its the other way around I’m telling you *trollface* took me a while to find him, but hes totally ripping off Tobycus

  6. Dylan Doyle says:

    no thats whut my freind says i hate him

  7. Dylan Doyle says:

    the guy that says “hah hah penis” is so like me

  8. bigstar111111 says:

    Heh heh, penis!

  9. di61266 says:

    SO FUNNY IN 2:37

  10. TheErepip says:


  11. TrueInsizer says:

    previously on the crack *fast forward* lol

  12. Jason Oliveira says:

    OH GOD!!

  13. JheartStudios says:

    Heh, Heh penis

  14. Sally Peterson says:

    Part three?? =^-^=

  15. Janet Torrance says:

    Non of your dam bismies

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