Hacked! US Army Public Relations Site Goes Down

Hacked! US Army Public Relations Site Goes Down
While the site doesn't contain any classified or personal information — it's primarily a public relations portal for the Army to tell its story, in its own words, to the public — the hack brings to mind another awkward moment this past January when a …
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MZA+Co to Lead Public Relations for AgriGrowth
MZA+Co is a public relations and public affairs company known for its strategic approach to helping clients meet their goals. The company began in January of 2015 and boasts a leadership team with many years of experience in public relations, business, …
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Lifting the Crude Oil Export Ban: Daniel Yergin and the Anatomy of an Industry
That's a great example of the mind of a public relations professional at work, and also the words of someone who stands to continue to profit from the expansion of fracking. On the very day that the Davos conference began, Riverstone announced a new …
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