Hackensack Johnson Library Weekly Neighbors-helping-Neighbors USA meetings.

Hackensack Johnson Library Weekly Neighbors-helping-Neighbors USA meetings.
Event on 2013-10-18 10:30:00

NhN program began in Johnson Public Library in Hackensack  on September 19, 2013 and has been another chapter in buiding the foundation of NhN's  incredible growth of our organziatoin. We now are in over 27+ locations offering weekly job search support and networking group meetings. And have over 1200 members. Our LinkedIn group has over 2500 members including career professionals. HR personael from companies, recruiters and friends of NhN organization.


Our group has had great success with over 340+ success stories in just a little over two years. what we have learned is the members who attend weekly and fully participate in our meetings and other resources tend to land jobs quicker than the others who take a more causal approach to their job search campaign.


The success of our full NhN organization now has 333 success stories where members have been helped by NhN to land jobs and this has been accomplished in just over two years. 

We are always looking for more volunteer facilitators to help lead our meetings and we hve found that our leaders tend to land at a higher rate than the members, this is due to the fact that they are stepping up and taking on this responsibility, which is a great item on your resume and your LinkedIn Group., and the second and very important fact is that they attend meetings every week.


The current job search market I really difficult and one must work hard at it and must find ways to expand your network to help you land a job. Today all jobs come from networking. Many companies do not even post jobs “ the hidden Job market” due to their desire to avoid the deluge of resumes. Many jobs see 800-1000 resumes submitted when a job is posted.  While we have over 1200 members of NhN we do know that about 25% of they follow the program and implement the concepts we talk about every week at meetings.


Only a serious effort to find a job will bring success in today’s market.  We have most of our success stories in the peoples own words which you can read on our web site at :




We also know that jobs are more short term so even when our members and leaders land it is wise to stay up to date on your skills and networking.


We are always looking for new members and volunteers to help facilitate our weekly meetings.  Please contact me if you are interested in being training on our program.


Our LinkedIn group is a great networking tool and our web site has very valuable information.


We were just voted Top 100 Websites For Your Career by Forbes.com which really is a great testimony to the information on our site.    www.nhnusa.org

Join our LinkedIn Group at:


NhN has organized a Fall program of pro Bono Guest speakers at Montclair State University

Special Parking Info for Hackensack Library:



Metered parking is available in parking lot adjacent to the library, entrance on Moore St. There is a large lot between Main and State with the entrance on Camden with metered parking. There is also a 2-hour free lot on Berry, between State and Union. Please note: Camden St. is now two-way with no parking adjacent to the library. For directions, call 201-343-4169, or check our website at http://hackensack.bccls.org/directions.php


NhN Mission

NhN is a network of volunteer peer led job search networking and support groups that follow a community-based approach to help under-employed and unemployed residents get back to work.  NhN embraces a ‘pay it forward’ ethos, asking all associates to contribute to other members by sharing job search techniques, related professional career development resources, personal referrals and generally providing a forum where members feeling empowered, energized and focused on the job search. 


  • Partner with community business leaders to match members with job openings and volunteer and or paid consulting opportunities.
  • Expand network reach throughout local communities where there is a need and interest in the New York-New Jersey metro area and the eventual expansion into other states.

Core Behaviors

·  Be positive in approach and encourage others to remain positive when facing the inherent challenges of the job search.

·  Be compassionate and firm, as needed, to maintain productive meeting atmosphere and consistent results orientation.

·  Be active in respective home towns by developing the group and its role in each community.

·  Take the extra step to help members by sharing personal network and job leads.

·  Report your success story to help others stay motivated as they helped you too.


at Johnson Public Library
274 Main St
Hackensack, United States

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