Hak5 – Extreme Android and Google Auth Hacking with Kos, Hak5 1205.1

Kos of kos.io joins us to demonstrate his lethal Android hacking toolkit – P2P-ADB. Taking advantage of USB Debug Mode, Root, and some crafty hacks Kos’ toolkit enables the bypassing of lock screens, making system changes and even “backing up” Android profiles, all from one phone to another. Kos goes on to perform an Auth token cloning attack, enabling an attacker to gain access to a victims Google account, change the password, or even setup a one-time-password for themselves if two-factor-authentication is enabled. The open-source P2P-ADB framework is available from kos.io and requires a rooted Android and OTG cable.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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19 Responses to Hak5 – Extreme Android and Google Auth Hacking with Kos, Hak5 1205.1

  1. SuperDiamondsGirl says:

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  2. aporeg says:

    What a smart ass

  3. AG Pena says:

    is it possible to do this over blue tooth or wifi?

  4. mw2isepic1 says:

    Sick, would be cool if you could do such on a jailbroken iPhone though.

  5. Joshua Massmann says:

    hey guys I`m Joshua and i need help with Backtrack 5 and how to use it so if you guys can help that wood be great thanks guys

  6. nicholas waugh says:

    holy shit derby con is less than 10 mins away from me im comming (8D

  7. Garland Ace says:

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  8. brebbetad says:

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  9. iCQ a.k.a. Terence van de Haar says:

    Nice work Kos, thanks for the headsup!

  10. Jesus S Aaron Uni Peg Unix Eisus Christ Payne says:

    Google God 888, Microsoft Devil 666, Apple Jesus 333. If any one cares to speak to ET phone home. I have knowledge of what’s to come and have received death threats for sharing the information.

  11. tiarabunga94 says:

    Makin ok usa Intrnet gooooood

  12. AndroidBaws says:

    Actually it’s ‘We are legion’

  13. mrzac115 says:

    where can i get one of those

  14. awsomearnem says:

    Lol, how the heck can he be Anonymus i see his name trolololol

  15. AxelWiresmith says:

    Well done Kos!! Very nice, cant wait to see where the framework goes…

  16. AxelWiresmith says:

    Ummm… Laptops are kinda big (etc, negates the whole point of P2P hacking, and way less cool) and I don’t think you were listening about the ADB

  17. NLStitch says:

    Why didn’t he just use a laptop? Connecting it to another phone isn’t less “covert” then connecting it to a laptop. BTW, ADB needs to be enabled, which is disabled by default on most phones and tablets.

  18. Emmanuel Reynoso says:

    So, would this be ok to put into an app or not? I’m jw cause, I started android development a while back and this would be cool to place into my rom

  19. john jeffrey says:

    After extracting the .db files when ever i try ./generateGAUTH.sh //loot/blabla.tar, it gives me plain Header and 404 messages whats Wrong ?

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