Hak5 – Free WiFi Tools and Clever VPN Hacks

This week Matt reviews an open source WiFi network scanner for Windows 7 (and Vista and XP) while Darren convinces a Windows server into treating a VPN connection as a service.
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17 Responses to Hak5 – Free WiFi Tools and Clever VPN Hacks

  1. Dylan Jones says:

    what about windows 8?

  2. Kristi Pica says:

    he want password gay,,, hu is password

  3. Sofia Kay says:

    I am sorry but this is the best software for free WiFi: everythingfou com/2013/01/wifi-password-hack-25-2013-working.html (make dot before “com” in site address :P)

  4. oliversky52312 says:

    Hey well i have no money to get a router to buy internet. I mostly want it for my ps3 put i owe 800$ to xfinity for internet. And DirectTv doesn’t provide internet to my area so i was wondering if there was a hack for getting internet. If there is could someone please tell me how.

  5. Martin Galloway says:

    =>Wifi-Password-Hacker. bit.lySQ8XJk?=qUAaB

  6. 21595alexander says:

    ALL HACKS HERE allwifihacks.blogspot.com

  7. carlos daniel says:

    travailler piratage de mot de passe wifi à: bit.ly/OBd1Zt?=dfhtrherrtyertyeeg

  8. Jack Fox says:

    *Wifi*Password*Hacker! bit.lySQ8XJk?=jPGWO

  9. traffic200 says:

    wtf? you’re gay

  10. ThePaperboy9 says:

    The best part is what snubs says at 1:21… lol

  11. zane000000000 says:

    @Hak5Darren To Darren I have A Ironkey Personal Usb Drive it has a built in private web browser can i log onto a open wifi network and do banking with out the person with the router “the man in the middle” knowing my username and password

  12. Oscar Rudnas says:

    Im sorry, but I have to laugh at those small monitors. Hahhhah :)

  13. macky ibad says:

    sir?im of your fan of tuitorial vedio,i learn alot ?can you make AN tuitorial for how??get password of wifi?? using??backtruck 5?please sir//??

  14. MachinMoney says:

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  15. Mai Ngoc Phuc says:

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  16. torvpn says:

    (Sorry, last comment wasn’t visible for minutes I figured it was too long, so I rephrased it and posted again)

  17. torvpn says:

    @xMrstormx If you don’t mind me saying, there is no point in that. If you first connect to the VPN and then use TOR, your data will still be visible by a random TOR exit node. So whether you trust Blackshades or not becomes irrelevant. Also, you still have to go through the trouble of setting up apps to use TOR, so again, the VPN is almost like it wasn’t there at all. With that much effort you could just use TOR without the VPN.

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