Half a Bubble Out Marketing Shifts Greater Focus to Small Business Internet Marketing Services

Chico, California (PRWEB) March 19, 2013

Half a Bubble Out Marketing is now devoting more focus to its internet marketing services using 11 building blocks to help companies get more clients. While the agency still provides traditional services, it understands the importance of helping businesses implement an online strategy to get more customers.

Half a Bubble Out uses a holistic approach to helping businesses succeed with internet marketing that starts with learning a companys story. This means finding out a companys goals, available time, budget, and personality. According to HubSpot, 86 percent of consumers go to the internet first to look up the potential companies they buy from, so companies need to show up in front of those consumers.

The 11 tools used at Half a Bubble Out to help small businesses show up online are website creation, blogging, SEO, landing pages, online paid ads, analytics, social media, page conversion, online press releases, email marketing and online video. Each of these services build on one another to help businesses get found online, get traffic to their website, and ultimately get more clients.

The internet marketing industry is always growing and changing said Michael K. Redman, CEO at Half a Bubble Out. It used to be that businesses could choose not to market on the internet and it wouldn’t affect them that much, but thats not true anymore. Every day, small businesses are losing customers by not having an internet marketing strategy, while their competitors are gaining customers because they are online.

Half a Bubble Out provides small business internet marketing services that help businesses get more clients, using a holistic approach to getting found online. To learn more, read the blog series Internet Marketing Consultant Advice: 11 Building Blocks to Get More Clients or contact the agency directly by calling 1-800-716-4226 or visiting the website.

About Half a Bubble Out

Half a Bubble Out is a 21st Century Marketing and Advertising Agency that helps small businesses increase profits by strategically telling their story in a creative and compelling way. Since 2002, Half a Bubble Out has been helping small businesses achieve their potential in a holistic and sustainable way so that they can serve current customers and build business with new customers, allowing people to thrive, contribute to community and achieve profitability. We serve our clients in the role of internet marketing consultant as well as traditional marketing consultant, and we design and implement just about every form of marketing and advertising collateral that companies need to be successful.


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