Hall Marketing Group LLC Introduces New Program to Give Non-Profits Complimentary Web Design and Marketing Services

Fort Meyers, FL (PRWEB) July 07, 2014

In June, Hall Marketing Group, located in Fort Myers, FL, began extending its services to non-profit organizations by providing free web design and search engine optimization services to one group per business quarter. Eric Hall, CEO of Hall Marketing Group, says that the company’s new Non Profit Resources Program will help four organizations registered as 501(c) and 501(c)(3) per year to gain more visibility by getting to take advantage of the agency’s digital marketing solutions at no cost.

Hall stated that the agency has decided to provide these free services in order to help clients who need to grow their organizations but may not have the resources to do so. Because non-profits tend to have few staff members and volunteers, they often lack the adequate funds for strategic marketing. By providing digital marketing solutions to these organizations, Hall Marketing Group wants to help them expand their outreach by creating “unique and dynamic marketing tactics to better both the organization’s outreach and its effect on the community at no cost to the organization.”

In order to qualify for the free web design and SEO, organizations must fill out the contact form on the Hall Marketing Group website and tell their story. They must also be a 501(c) or 501(c)(3) organization that has been operating for at least 12 months. While all non-profits are eligible to apply, Hall Marketing Group is especially interested in helping churches, shelters, and charities that have an emphasis in child services, feeding the hungry, homeless needs, disaster recovery efforts, and support for victims of abuse.

Services by Hall Marketing Group include a complete design or redesign of an organization’s website and a strategic SEO campaign to boost search engine rankings. The SEO campaign includes such digital marketing solutions as press releases, blog articles, a lead capturing system, content writing services, and more. Applicants within the state of Florida will receive a full day of onsite consultation to determine that non-profit’s needs on the web. Applicants from all states are accepted; however, any organization from outside of Florida that is chosen will receive a four-hour consultation via telephone or Skype in place of the in-person consultation.

When reached for comment, Hall said that his company “Is extremely passionate about non-profit organizations and the impact they have on the community. This endeavor is something that I am proud and enthusiastic about being able to offer to organizations that have few resources, lack of funds, as well as a shortage in staff and the ability to put aside the time to perfect their marketing tactics themselves. I’ve always believed that reaching out to those that benefit our community helps us do our part in bettering not only the community, but the business industry as a whole.”

Founded in 2013, The Hall Marketing Group LLC is located in Fort Myers, Florida. For more information please contact 1-800-645-1891, or visit hallmarketinggroup.com/non-profit-resources.

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