Halo 4 News – Haven Details & Images

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25 Responses to Halo 4 News – Haven Details & Images

  1. pyromaniac552 says:

    Oh, ok thanks.

  2. shadowknight311 says:

    He said that Reach was spoiled basicly

  3. pyromaniac552 says:

    On almost every comment “thread” worth looking at usually one or more comments in the chain don’t exist by the time I read it.

  4. shadowknight311 says:


  5. pyromaniac552 says:

    How typical, “This comment no longer exists”

  6. BlazenGold1 says:

    Haven kinda reminds me of Guardian from Halo 3 not by looks but by the lay out of the map :)

  7. CBsParanormalSociety says:


  8. thecooltonto says:

    Omg yes. Adding ANOTHER game mode is CLEARLY UNBALANCING THE GAME. God help us all from faggots like me opening our mouths!

  9. russ105339 says:

    Thats stupid. 343 is trying to keep game play balanced. So shut your faggot ass mouth shut and think before opening your mouth

  10. thecooltonto says:

    Me too! Me and my friends and my bro have always wished they would add an all species inclusive multiplayer mode where you could be a human, elite, brute, hunter, grunt, jackal, whatever! We want it to be natural and unbalanced so if you choose to be a Grunt for example, even though it would be fun you’ll probably get owned lol! And if you’re a Hunter you should kick ass lol!

  11. thingthing978 says:


  12. RaxUltimateForge says:

    Why is it that when people see these videos the only thing the think to say is everything they hate about it! why? 343 have brought us the true luxury of producing an amazing game… not for the company… not for the money… but for us, and the halo legacy. why can’t these whining, unaware and unthoughtful people just strain a single brain cell to say something positive, instead of victimizing 343. why can’t they just appreciate all that is done for them. (Thumbs up if you agree)

  13. XxXxXxXxXx959 says:

    Why would you want to be a Jackal when you could be an Elite?

  14. Sentin White says:

    hey there. this is my new account. I’m sorry to see my original comment was removed along with my account. however, I’m pleased that my comment stayed in the top few for so long. Just wondeering, do you have any idea how many thumbs I accumulated before my account went down?

  15. haloexpert224 says:

    dude thanks for helping me and others keep up on halo 4 :]

  16. T3HxROFLKNIEF says:

    Did anyone notice the center forms a Marathon logo?

  17. NeutroNova says:

    well in Mr followers defense this video was posted a month ago

  18. NeutroNova says:

    I know

  19. Ronyhaloman says:

    yea that was a month ago ok ur late there is no legendary, shit people don’t look at when these things are posted

  20. idiotbox901 says:


  21. Laurentiu909 says:

    I enjoy your news about halo 4. Keep up the good work.

  22. XxnatrocksxX says:

    ye i get ya, no important things should be shown, maybe some gameplay but leave out some words which are important and give info about the mission, i reckon a quarter if they mute the characters

  23. XxnatrocksxX says:

    but i got an idea where you could be an elite and control 5 or 6 jackals and grunts or a spartan and control 5 or 6 Marines and ODST’s in a certain warlike game type, sorta like team death match but you would have like different groups

  24. XxnatrocksxX says:

    i hope so too i wouldn’t mind if they showed 1 mission like in the middle of the game but if they showed like 5 or 6 then i’d be pissed.

  25. XxnatrocksxX says:

    i liked that aspect in the spire level flying through with the falcon

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