Halo 4 News – New Longbow Images and More!!

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24 Responses to Halo 4 News – New Longbow Images and More!!

  1. Slobbishlemur says:


  2. pollyfog says:

    i think that little Promethean Watcher is actually an armor ability, I read somewhere that there was going to be a new armor ability involving a drone.

  3. gamemazter70 says:

    tucker from RvB can be happy that his sword is back :)

  4. SpartanOFzeal says:

    is there any news on turret and regen armor abilities

  5. freedude21 says:

    Am I the only one that thought the “longbow” part of the title referred to a weapon?

  6. arenawriter says:

    Halo 4 Awesome Musical Comedy Scetch !!! “Arenawriter Can’t Wait For Halo 4 ( a capella )”

  7. SLIPPERYYgypsy says:

    lol, i did the same thing XD

  8. ducain23 says:

    lol… I am apart of RUL… if you actually followed him you would see I post videos on the front page of the website… plus… if I wanted to steal it, why would I put the RUL logo on the right side and the website down below??

  9. hiki9911 says:


  10. Chevyguy723 says:

    HALO 4 comes out on MY BIRTHDAY!

  11. Mongolain Bandersnatch says:

    can see how much you can dig up about halo 4 forgeing

  12. ShankorShivGaming says:

    Can I put a link to this on my website?

  13. Vegito2468 says:

    just saying, you can see the ghost and the mongoose in the second pic, but great vid

  14. SuperQuietstorm says:

    LOL I thought this meant Longbow as in weapon

  15. gmiscoolyo says:

    not necesarrily a damaged shield, it turnes orange when the ability is running out

  16. TheOkami1113 says:

    You can see the forerunner sword, too. Pretty cool.

  17. Noah McCoy says:

    The second picture that shows the ghost, that thing look small! This is a pretty large map :)

  18. hookonu2 says:

    I bet that it is used for cargo and a maglev transport is runing through those coils like a rail gun but also having a way to slow the cargo with magnetic interference so it will not crash … ha I’m a nerd.

  19. tchikpcok says:

    This map looks great!

  20. Porter0213 says:

    i also think they should raise the cap on the amount of items you can place on a map. i know they do this for a reason but i’m hoping you can more on a map in h4 than reach. and it would be awesome if they added race track type pieces imo because i love making tracks in reach forge and i know racing started to get popular. i wouldn’t mind a multiplayer race game mode later on as an update or something.

  21. darkninja585 says:

    weather in forge would be awesome.

  22. darkninja585 says:

    Lol, one does not not simply sprint into Mordor

  23. DarkSquiggle says:

    I think the lava level’s called ‘Sacred’.

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