Halo 4 Specializations Announced

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) August 31, 2012

Halo 4 is adopting a specialization system similar to Call Of Duty for it’s release on October 6. 343 Industries revealed that this new class system will help the game to have a longer lifespan.

David Ellis told IGN: “When we launch Halo 4 in November, thats just the beginning” “Specializations are just another opportunity to make the play experience months and even years after release feel fresh.”

On the launch day, two of the specializations will be available to play with: Pioneer and Wetworks. The rest will only be available 6 weeks later. One can purchase the Limited Edition package though, and that gives you instant access to them all.

Dan Lim, Chief Editor of Halo4news.org, said these new classes add armor and other perks which bring a whole new dimension to the gameplay.

Here are the 8 new specializations:

Rogue: Adds stability to one’s sniping.

Engineer: He knows where the weapons have landed before everyone else, and an arrow for directions to it.

Operator: He can recharge a vehicle’s health faster and is rewarded for driving well.

Wetworks: He has a stealth suit which has real-time, adaptive camouflage and silent movement.

Tracker: Can choose new weapons if the weapon drop ones are not ideal.

Pioneer: He has Fast Track mode which allows him to gain experience faster.

Stalker: With this you can see who killed or attacked you last so you can get revenge.

Pathfinder: This reduces the time for weapons to cool down and lets you carry detached weapons faster.

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