Halo Reach: How to Rank Up Extremely Fast with Carmelita Fox (Gameplay/Tutorial)

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22 Responses to Halo Reach: How to Rank Up Extremely Fast with Carmelita Fox (Gameplay/Tutorial)

  1. Tychaoszorz117 says:

    Depends. The faster the game is the less you get. you will get around 1k if its too quick so if your playing it too make money hold off dont score more than three times intill the final sudden death period. Doing so i get around 4000 – 7000 a game

  2. Shane Gauughan says:

    how much do you get per game i get 2k everytime on big team battle

  3. stkkjj says:

    General grade one i wanna make it to inheritor

  4. stkkjj says:

    Wanna know how to get more credits? Play griffball with 3 of your friends and just hold the bomb each round until it ends. You should get more than ten thousand credits.

  5. KamikazeDzN says:

    when the game first came out there was a level cap this is not the beta lol

  6. FrostRace says:

    It’s Inheritator (or sometihng like that) right? I’m Commander now :) That’s Lt. Colonel 3 + 1 >:)

  7. jiob8 says:

    I’m a Reclaimer, I only need about 400,000 more cR.

  8. Kyle Toussaint says:

    Yep that’s the max

  9. bene391 says:

    Now The Max Rank Is Inheritor

  10. BSierra69 says:


  11. MANU O-O says:

    hey man you are a shit on range, adree me  villarroel 27

  12. officialbobsagat says:

    Can you still do this

  13. wolfieandaddy says:

    you are a god!!!

  14. AwsambTheGr8 says:

    With the slot machine, I rarely get more than 300

  15. ScoutSniperTV says:

    You terrible mate but im lovin’ it!

  16. Kentainmb says:

    But didn’t the beta not have campaign/playlists other than grab bag? just curious……..

  17. kentownage says:

    gotta do campaign… -,-

  18. traxxasbasher171 says:

    griffball is best way

  19. STB4EVR says:

    whoever this guy is ty ily so much right now :L

  20. KassieMariee1233 says:

    im a bridgadier grade 3 about to be general and everytime i play heres what i do 1. if in firefight stay first class and own at groups together with the flare rod gun thingy 2. complete weekly chanlenges or daily challenges 3. help your friends and ask them to help you boost in games. 4. try to get top score to get more xp and/or win.

  21. HaloSkrillMan says:

    Oh right ok then i will do that

  22. randomgalore says:


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