Halyard Consulting President Jonathan Goodman Interviewed by DragonSearch Marketing on How Technology Impacts Small Businesses

Jersey City, NJ (PRWEB) October 14, 2014

Jonathan Goodman, president of Halyard Consulting, recently sat down with Abe Uchitelle of DragonSearch for an interview on combining marketing with technical skills and how changes in technology can impact businesses in all industries.

The interview was part of the Marketology in Motion video series. The conversation began with Uchitelle asking Goodman about his background and how he began his career in digital marketing. Goodman discussed getting a degree in graphic design and photography during a time when Apple and other digital technologies were just getting started. He began building websites for companies and then started his own company, Halyard Consulting. His internet marketing company is located in New Jersey. Halyard Consulting works with small and medium businesses to help them develop their online presences and reach more customers.

Goodman and Uchitelle agreed that it is beneficial to understand both sides of digital marketing, which includes the creative and artistic side as well as the technical. It allows developers to understand why they are building apps and how they will be used. Marketers can comprehend the technical component of whatever digital resources they are using. Someone who appreciates both sides will create a better product for the client and utilize it to its fullest capabilities.

The discussion turned to Freebase, which is a database that Google has created. Goodman has spoken about this topic at several conferences and Uchitelle wanted to get his opinion on where it is and what direction it is moving in. Freebase needs to be developed more, according to Goodman, and then it will have major possibilities for marketers to utilize. He provided an example of how it could help travelers find services and promote companies that are based near an airport. One of the issues that the database has is that it needs to be more user-friendly.

The conversation moved on to Facebook and EdgeRank. This is another subject that Goodman has spoken on extensively. Facebook has updated its algorithms, which will have a big impact on how companies use the site for marketing. Some users prefer reading articles while others watch videos or look at images. Goodman is encouraging his clients to focus on more than just articles to attract a bigger audience on Facebook.

Anyone interested in the current state of digital marketing or the direction where it is going can listen to the DragonSearch interview or follow Jonathan Goodman and Halyard Consulting on Twitter and Facebook.

About Halyard Consulting

Halyard Consulting is a New Jersey based Internet Marketing company focused on improving online results for businesses with geographically specific clientele. The company was established in 2007 to provide entrepreneurs with services allowing them to leverage online tactics often used by Fortune 500 companies. Gaining top ranking in the search engines is one of the most crucial aspects for Internet success. Small businesses used to rely solely on traditional marketing strategies like newspapers, commercials, and radio. Today, being visible online is the only true path to success.

About Jonathan Goodman

Jonathan Goodman is the founder of Halyard Consulting, an Internet marketing and public relations firm, located in New Jersey. Jonathan is the author of The World of Internet Marketing book series, written for small business owners, managers and others interested in cutting-edge marketing techniques. The first book in the series enables readers to take online marketing fundamentals and broaden revenue streams for their companies. Additional books to be released in 2015 will include critical information about YouTube marketing, Facebook advertising, and cloud computing.


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