Hands-On How-To (HOHT) Workshop – Content & Email Marketing

Hands-On How-To (HOHT) Workshop – Content & Email Marketing
Event on 2015-03-05 09:00:00

Hands-On How-To (HOHT) Workshop – Content Marketing & Email Marketing

These workshops are for business owners and marketing managers. As the name implies, these are “Hands-On How-To” workshops where you will be guided through the critical technology and content creation elements of getting a content and email marketing program running for your business or organisation. 

What will be covered

  1. Why content and email marketing is essential in today's business landscape

  2. Overview of the technology and technology skills required

  3. Overview of the writing and content creation skills required

  4. Technology component 1] content management system1 (example: WordPress)

  5. Technology component 2] email marketing system2 (example: Mailchimp)

  6. Technology component 3] graphic design system (example: Canva)

  7. Creating content component – general principles, strategies and examples

  8. Hands On Session – create your first article/blog post

  9. Hands On Session – create your first email communication

  10. Review/Questions/Feedback

Your tutor – David Bateson

After a corporate career in publishing sales and marketing, David set up NewsBusiness to provide marketing and public relations services to primarily startup, early stage and B2B companies.

Since forming the business in 2005, David has worked with a very wide range of businesses and projects small and large. Content and email marketing have always been at the core of marketing strategies implemented.

The business has written over 750 articles for clients and is recognised by Mailchimp as a 'Mailchimp Expert'. David has been featured in BRW and NETT Magazine talking about PR, email marketing and content marketing.


  • A wireless enabled laptop + power cable

  • Admin access to your website content management system

  • Admin access to your email marketing system (or a valid credit card to set this up at the workshop)

  • Your client/customer email list in .csv/.xls format (if not already loaded into your EMS)

  • Some written information and images about your business (not essential)

The workshop is 4 hours duration, with two short breaks for light refreshment. Numbers are limited to a maximum of 12 participants. 

Cost (prices include GST)

EARLYBIRD 5 (booked and paid by Thursday 19th February 2015)


1 sometimes referred to as a CMS
2 sometimes referred to as an EMS

at Flinders Building, 5th Floor
182 Bay Terrace
Wynnum, Australia

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