Hands-On with Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Kit

Google surprised everyone at its I/O conference by giving out Cardboard, a cardboard-craft kit to make virtual reality goggles when paired with a Nexus 5 smartphone. We got our hands on a this…

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21 Responses to Hands-On with Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Kit

  1. Tested says:

    Google cardboard makes us believe that VR for the masses can work!

  2. supatvshowuploader says:

    Lmao Android peasants. APPLE MASTER RACE

  3. adrian lebit says:

    I will wait for the iphone version 

  4. aaron8862006 says:

    This is like watching apes discover fire, holy shit.

  5. Bernard Manansala says:

    This is really COOL!!! Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Kit

  6. Error989 says:

    I got pissed cause it’s so simple but still it took him 10min to figure it out -.-

  7. robotneva says:

    Is there gonna be an ios version?

  8. secondghost says:

    Virtual Reality… lol Soon there going to sell this stupid gimmick like those HD sunglasses. “It even looks better than real life!” Props to Google for making a joke of this, because VR is in fact a joke just like 3D movies.

  9. BabyHoldingGun says:

    Can you use any android smartphone? Or are some not compatible

  10. Oswaldo Hernandez says:


  11. AdobeExcel says:

    It might just be me, but Will is getting more and more irritating by the video.

  12. BanEntitled Brats says:

    Poor man’s Oculus Rift. LOL

  13. pikap864 says:

    if its not for iphone fck it

  14. Koen Kooi says:

    Around the 10 minute mark they show the magnetometer based input. That is some really out of the box thinking (no pun intended)!

  15. NautyEskimo says:

    i dont see wills problem here. Google is not trying to run oculus out of business and are by no means making fun of them. All they are doing is putting out a small demo on virtual reality and how your phone could be integrated with it. I think its pretty cool that they put the design out for free. It obviously by no means perfect but thats where they leave it up to the open source crow and get people to start developing apps for it and optimize the experience. Its not suppose to be much and that is just fine by me. Oculus is coming out and that will be great and Google will start to get in to the VR game to.

  16. Miles White says:

    Does this come with a happy meal?

  17. Danny Walker says:

    Why all the Filthy language? I just unsubscribed from your channel. NOT ALL of people like that Language. 

  18. Paulo Dourado says:

    will seems extra jaded in this video :/

  19. Jiebo Cai says:

    Google is taking over the earth 

  20. spartan13014 says:

    Where can we buy it? :D

  21. Sid Burgess says:

    I want to send him some Ikea furniture just watch him try to figure out how to assemble it. 

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